Let's Scare Julie


Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 3.0


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10/2/2020 10:21:15 AM

82 min
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Reviewed by oonamh 8

The director's unedited cut made it to the screen along with Katisse's complete score. An artistic triumph denied.

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Reviewed by utbrvxcj 1

Watched a trailer on PSN paid $20<ul><li>zero creativity</li><li>low budget</li><li>very boring</li><li>dragged out story</li><li>terrible and unfinished ending</li></ul>If you are looking for a horror movie or anything low budgetI would still recommend watch literally anything elseBut I&#39;m just one guy with one opinionWatch at your own risk or for something to help you go to sleep

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Reviewed by jimskyler 1

Wow this was just atrocious. The acting was bad, the story was horrid and the so called one shot camera gimmick was beyond exhausting and bad. You will fall fast asleep by the 25 min mark. Save your time. AVOID!!!

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