Let It Snow


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.8


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Reviewed by jackdan-05273 1

Forced diversity until you sleep. Maybe its for the good of our bed time. Bad acting in general. Artificial. Childish. Maybe its because I watched a real romance and comedy before "The Peanut Butter Falcon", so after this, "Let It Snow" became painful to watch. What a weak script!

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Reviewed by saadgkhan 7

Light hearted, used its source material to its full potential with young ensemble cast. In todays times, conveying message about acceptance, self love and respect without coming across as preachy is becoming hard in movies and books. The cinema and books can only work if they portray something human regardless of good or bad in most inhuman or unreal situations like weather in this movie.<br/><br/>Go watch it, and Let it Snow : )

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Reviewed by ryanvermeulen 4

Like every netflix movie is being &#39;potically correct&#39; these days and its really taking the essentials or being fun and realistic away. Shame a good movie

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