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Reviewed by jonny-04689 7

I mean, if you're comparing this to the movies with big-time budgets and big-time stars, then yeah it's not all that great. But for a Syfy original movie, Leprechaun's Revenge is honestly pretty decent. I watched it on St. Patrick's day and I was in a good, Irish-loving mood, so maybe that helped me enjoy it. The basic Syfy movie stuff is here: cheap special effects, a weird-looking monster, some cheesy acting, but the movie also has it's positive points. The script is pretty good and I love the small towns in movies, and Keening has its own special charm. This is definitely a step above what I'd expect from a Syfy original. It seems as if the people involved actually cared to make a good product, and they mostly succeeded. I would have given this movie 8 stars out of 10, but I just had to minus one star because of the silly scene where the leprechaun hops into a car (isn't he from the 1700's? How can he drive?) and runs someone over. It was just too ridiculous to be scary, but the rest of the movie, despite some predictability, was quite enjoyable. By the way, I admit that these lower budget Syfy movies induce some sort of feeling in me that makes me want to watch and enjoy them. Who knows?

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Reviewed by traitorjoe666 8

I absolutely loved this movie! I&#39;m a fan of &quot;bad&quot; horror flicks and such, but this was a genuinely good and fun flick! It&#39;s a perfect mix of horror and comedy, with some genuine startle-moments, some genuine creepiness, and some incredibly good humorous moments.<br/><br/>My biggest gripe was that the ending felt quite rushed and that it ended a bit too abruptly, that there was no final Climactic Showdown as I might&#39;ve expected, no hand-reaching-up-from-underground-to-grab-the-heroine, no &quot;twist&quot; like that.<br/><br/>Courtney Halverson was a treat to watch, a sort of redheaded Abby Brammell, and showed a fine mix of strength and vulnerability in her character.<br/><br/>William Devane was great as the cantankerous (but right!) grandpa.<br/><br/>Billy Zane was a real treat in all his billyzanian goodness, and delivered some PERFECT humorous lines (especially about his nametag!).<br/><br/>The movie didn&#39;t take itself seriously. It was NOT intended to be a straight-up horror flick, but was filled to the brim with self-deprecating humor. Those who poo-pooed &quot;Red Clover&quot; (sorry, but that&#39;s the title that flashes on the screen in the movie that I have) obviously didn&#39;t &quot;get it&quot;. Quips such as &quot;It&#39;s like I&#39;m trapped in some bad monster movie and I can&#39;t get out.&quot; are so up-front and obvious about that, I&#39;m amazed anyone DIDN&#39;T get it.<br/><br/>It&#39;s unfortunate that the somewhat abrupt and anticlimactic ending is the last you&#39;ll experience of the movie, and what you&#39;ll likely remember most, but the rest of the movie, the first 99% of it, is well worth the time spent in giving this little gem a go.<br/><br/>First, take the movie for what it is: a fun horror-comedy that pokes fun of itself with some biting humor. Second, don&#39;t expect the antagonist to be the Lucky Charms dood (who&#39;s creepy in his own right, granted), but more Pumpkinhead instead. Keep those two points in mind, and you should love and appreciate this flick as much as I do.

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Reviewed by Michael_Elliott 7

Leprechaun&#39;s Revenge (2012) <br/><br/>** (out of 4)<br/><br/>Teenager Karen (Courtney Halverson) goes into the woods with her grandfather and she picks a red clover, which gives her the curse of the leprechaun. According to legend she will die in four days unless she can kill the creature first and thankfully her grandfather (William Devane) believes in the things but her sheriff father (Billy Zane) isn&#39;t so open minded. LEPRECHAUN&#39;S REVENGE has no connection to the Warwick Davis series and it&#39;s pretty much what you&#39;d expect from something on SyFy. The movie&#39;s biggest problem is that the screenplay is pretty bad from start to finish. While watching the movie it really does seem like they filmed it in order and just made things up as they went along because there are events that happen that are never really explained or mentioned anytime going forward in the movie. The ending pretty much comes out of no where and seems rather rushed and lazy. Another problem is that none of the characters are really fleshed out but I&#39;ll give this a pass since we are talking about a low-rent B movie. Those expecting a lot of gore won&#39;t be too disappointed as we get some cheap CGI gore ranging from arms being bitten off to one poor guy who gets half his face ripped off. The effects are all of the CGI type so don&#39;t expect anything too ground-breaking. The special effects in the film aren&#39;t all that impressive but I will at least give them credit for making the leprechaun look decent and original. Those expecting the short, Davis type are going to be disappointed because this one here seems more like a green Pumpkinhead more than anything else. I found Halverson to be good in the lead role as she managed to turn in a believable performance and she&#39;s quite better that what you&#39;d expect to see from a film like this. Zane, as you&#39;d expect, is all over the place but he&#39;s mildly entertaining. Devane pretty much delivers what you&#39;d expect from him. LEPRECHAUN&#39;S REVENGE isn&#39;t a good movie and it&#39;s mainly going to appeal to fans of &quot;B&quot; movies but I must admit that it&#39;s probably the best killer lep movie I&#39;ve seen and yes I know that&#39;s not saying too much.

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