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Reviewed by ilustra-neuropixel 10

I&#39;ve watched this great movie at &quot;Les filmes de Cannes a Bucharest&quot;, the Romanian Cannes retrospective and I have to say, I am pleased to see that a subject like immigration in an era where this illness is spreading very quickly, is so sincere discussed on a screen. And when I say sincerely... there are lots of things to pay attention to, lines, characters or image.<br/><br/>We watch the story of Mara, a Romanian immigrant who is trying to offer to her child the best life possible, in America.<br/><br/>Only that there is a lot more to this image of America that America itself struggled to make us believe into. And the adventure of Mara becomes very quick since here arriving in America, a lot more dramatic than it was and could possibly have been... in her birth country.<br/><br/>This is a solid script that has some comic inside built also strong dramatic plots. The acting is high and that helps a lot the audience to believe that this can happen in real life as well.<br/><br/>The cinematography tho is so well crafted that you forget you are watching the work of a man who was handling the camera and keeps you there for the entire experience.<br/><br/>This is Ioana Uricaru&#39;s future movie debut and I for one looking forward for more great and sincere storytelling coming from a great cinematic mind.

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Reviewed by geneim 8

I don&#39;t know why this film isn&#39;t been watched/reviewed by much. Brilliant depiction of characters. Not much time identifying things, so it takes you deep enough. Occasionally amateurish acting, But the dialogues are to the core. Very few scenes are dramatic. It made my heart heavy at the end. Life goes on fighting, till the end, for a few. I strongly recommend this film.

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Reviewed by cristidumitr 5

This film&#39;s main goal is to generate emotions, but it tries to do that based on flat characters, poor and predictable action. The characters have no depth, they are unidimensional and complexity has nothing in common with this production.

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