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Reviewed by Jo-Cino 6

Very predictable movie about drug addicts who NEED more 'h' (heroin) and the depths of the rabbit hole they climbed in.the script itself was ok, nothing special even though they thought they were being obscure at times (they weren't)the concept was nothing new either.the execution was fair. nothing to ruin the movie.i was, however, very pleased with a few of the performances.george jonson as the central character comfortably carried the lead and darren keefe reiher as the super high-strung irishman was great to watch for his ten minutes of screen time.the one hour and twenty six minute runtime was also perfect as any longer i might've started looking for the exit soon.the movie's silver lining: it makes you feel REAL good to not have chosen a life of drugs.Not going to blow your mind, but worth the watch.

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