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Reviewed by jcjazz5 1

It was like something a high school student put together the weekend before it was due to be submitted, Then the teacher gave it a c-. Dont waste your time.

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Reviewed by roboticusdrake 2

Unfortunately this movie is let down by a few major points. The main characters are competent but not engaging. The secondary characters are downright unbelievable, but Vernon Reed is gold, as expected.The tropes are obvious, the twists are tacky, the violence is neither gratuitous nor's very pedestrian considering how hard it tries. The effort is to be admired, because production values are high, and buffs will love a few references to better films. Aaaaaand I just watched the final shot - I will never raise my rating above 2 stars.

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Reviewed by sweetkmusic 10

Travis Bain's Landfall is a smart, at times funny thrill ride. With an interesting storyline, great acting and completely unexpected twists, I found this movie highly entertaining, especially being a smaller budget film.Produced locally in Far North Queensland, it shows that we have some amazing home-grown talent and I look forward to Travis' next big screen debut! A sneak peek of his short film, Starspawn: Overture and the feature film, Landfall had me excited about the future of film making in Australia. Definitely a movie to add to your "must watch" list.

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