Lake Michigan Monster


Adventure / Comedy

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Reviewed by theskpfilms-0-147300 10

Lake Michigan Monster...a fun, fast, hilarious romp, and proof that having a low budget can be creatively advantageous. The effects--which have an artistry that kind of feels like a cross between Sin City and Spongebob--make the film worth watching just on their own. However, the film also contains many wonderfully witty jokes and sight gags that are fired off so rapidly (and with such skill) that there's no way to take in everything the film has to offer the first time--you'll want to see it again just to catch all the funny little moments and details you may have missed, and, perhaps, to re-experience favorite moments that are stuck in your head! Finally, the film has memorable characters that are performed with such charisma and dedication that you'll wish there existed more films depicting their further adventures. Lake Michigan Monster is a great 78 minutes, and if you run into the opportunity to see it at a film festival (and especially with a crowd), don't hesitate!

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Reviewed by rjvalencia-32490 10

I throughly enjoyed this film. Fresh style, amazing dialogue with great effects.

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Reviewed by chunkybrewster 9

A simple revenge story that takes quite a lot of unexpected twists and turns.<br/><br/>I was quite surprised by how stylistic and well executed the visual effects were done.<br/><br/>The whole cast has their moments, but Ryland really steals the show with his deadpan delivery, expressive face, and his overall enjoyable slapstick performance.<br/><br/>Invite some friends over for movie night and surprise them with this sleeper hit that is more enjoyable than most of the crap in theaters at the moment.

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