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Reviewed by davevsixuk 1

I watched this with my wife hoping for an entertaining watch. We both thought it was a terribly bland film. Poor acting, very predictable boring story... well it was until we had had enough and turned it off after about an hour. It was daytime TV, the movie equivalent of call holding music. I have no idea how this ilm is rated at 10 by some reviewers. Horses for courses I suppose. All the 'best' bits are in the trailer. Save yourself the the trailer and save yourself the time you will never get back

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Reviewed by stephcollider 1

The trailer for this film looked fun, evidently it was just a well made trailer, because this film is not sadly. This is just another below average hallmark movie. From acting, story and just overall feel, it's just amateurish, which would make sense, because with this low budget they probably hired a 1st time film student director. On a positive note, I love the female empowerment, but here it just comes across as very forced and unbelievable.

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Reviewed by jfh-72320 2

Wow. Turned this off in about 15 mins. Lousy acting, cinematography, and predictable story.<br/><br/>Those rating this a 9 or 10 need to expand your horizons a bit. Maybe stop sitting home and watching daytime TV all day.<br/><br/>This is Lifetime at its worst.

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