Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by rnelson-10 7

My DVD player crapped out on me and I was going through my old VHS pile and watched this again. Like most, I had taped my copy off of Nightflight in about 1985. I was a devoted fan of that show; as a sophomore in College at Montana State U, it certainly helped develop my taste in music and I was extremely vexed when USA replaced it with idiot Gilbert Gottfried and those dumb cut up teen sex comedies (Up All Night). I wonder whatever happened to the voice over woman from Night Flight and Radio 1990? She was attractive and had more than a &quot;voice for radio&quot;. Or whatever happened to the other Radio 1990 alum Lisa Robinson?<br/><br/>My recollections on the movie<br/><br/>1. First off, how great is it that back in the mid 80s USA could run a movie without obsessing over bleeping out shits and fucks etc and tolerating glimpses of underage flesh 2. The commercials from cable in the 80s are hilarious to watch today (Videos on break dancing!) 3. How about the young Ray Winstone as the Looters/Johnny Rotten doppelganger (the beefy guy from Sexy Beast in his pallid youth) 4. Fee Waybill was awesome. I couldn&#39;t tell if it was cinema verite&#39; or self parody in his performance 5. The whole &quot;I Don&#39;t Put Out&quot; empowerment is sure a far cry from Britney, Christina and the rest of the current pop trollops infesting the airwaves and TV twenty(!) years later 5. Loved Lawnboy and the whole way reggae and punk intertwined as music made by those on the margins. &quot;Everybody want to go to heaven, but nobody want to die&quot;; from Peter Tosh lyrics 6. I loved the added ending &quot;Emp-TV&quot; video for Join the Professionals. Awesome. They didn&#39;t release that as a 45 single did they? 7. Diane Lane was perfect for the part but Laura Dern didn&#39;t really impress considering how her acting career developed a few years later 8. Christine Lahti was also good in her limited time on screen 9. With all the crap in the DVD racks, why can&#39;t this little gem get re-released? Didn&#39;t Lou Adler make a fortune on those $80 Complete Monterey Music Festival DVD box sets? 10. Any hope of any TV DVD box sets of Night Flight? Or is that more of a pipe dream

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Reviewed by G-Man-25 7

This film deserved a better shot at finding an audience than it got from its studio, which basically declared it unreleasable and threw it away. To be sure, it&#39;s not for ALL tastes but it&#39;s WAY better than a lot of the teen-oriented dreck that made millions in the 80s..Basically the story of the rise and fall of a street-wise girl (Diane Lane) and her punk rock band, the film has moments of satire and drama that ring remarkably true, even in this day and age. This is the only other film I know of directed by famed Los Angeles music producer Lou Adler (his other was the first Cheech &amp; Chong monster hit &quot;Up In Smoke&quot;)....this film has the same loose, anything-goes style but Adler shows that he works well with actors, getting fresh and inspired performaces all around. The only print seen for years of this film has been on USA Network&#39;s &quot;Up All Night&quot; and it was ruthlessly edited. I&#39;d like to see this one show up on a premium channel like Cinemax or Showtime so I could see it completely uncut (since the chances of seeing it released on video are no doubt slim to none)

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Reviewed by zetes 8

Excellent little rock-and-roll satire. A teenage Diane Lane stars as a young woman who hates her dead-end life. Along with her sister and cousin (Laura Dern), she cons her way onto a tour bus as the nonexistent band The Stains. The gals can&#39;t play a lick, but get themselves on the local news, and they ignite like a meteorite - and come crashing to Earth just as fast. It&#39;s a biting little picture, and Lane shines brightly in the lead. Ray Winstone co-stars as the lead singer of a British punk band with whom the Stains tour. The movie was barely released when it was made, but it became a cult favorite later on through frequent airings on the USA cable network.

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