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Reviewed by burbank904416010 8

On paper Kolobos looks like your average post-scream slasher film. It is in fact much more than that. If you found Scream a little formulaic and economical in its gore usage, you will not be disappointed. A series of undescribably brutal deaths are shown in their full gory-glory. Nothing, NOTHING is left out and despite the low-budget, these deaths are horrifically realistic. The ending may be slightly incomprehensible but this is one to seek out. Its refreshingly non-ironic, unspeakably violent and actually pretty entertaining-in a weird kinda way. If you have a strong stomach then go find it.

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Reviewed by Joe-587 7

I first saw this movie when it came out almost 3 years ago, but thought I'd review it anyway. This gory horror movie concerns Kyra, a schizophrantic artist who is found wandering the streets one night, bloody and sliced up pretty bad. While in a daze, she is struck by a car and brought to a hospital. There, all she can do speak one word: "Kolobos". Through flashback, we find out what happened to Kyra and how she came to wander that dark and rainy street. She is picked to star in a documentary film with some other people around her age in a snowy mountain resort. There, the director will film every move they make from the dozens of cameras set up around the house. Kyra isn't exactly liked by her fellow stars from the get-go, especially since one of them had to pick her up at a home for the mentally disturbed. She is awkward and doesn't seem to fit in with the group. On their first night, with Kyra upstairs, the group decide to watch a B-grade horror series that one of them was the star of. In the middle of the third installment, one of the girls is murdered by several mechanical devices when she goes to retrieve a can of soda from the kitchen. Hearing her screams, the others come to find her and also to find that there is no way out. The entire house is shelled in thick metal. As each member is picked off, fingers begin to point to Kyra. But, she swears that the person behind it is a disfigured man in black. Is she telling the truth or is Kyra really behind the killings? I thought this was a genuinely scary movie with a decent amount of gore and good performances all around. There is also a lot of suspense and some scenes really do keep you on the edge of your seat. Even better, there is a cameo from one of my all-time favorite Scream Queens, Linnea Quigley. The only flaw with this movie is that the ending is a bit hard to swallow. Myself as well as several others had no idea what it was supposed to be or mean, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the other 98% of the movie, which is well worth it. Heartily recommended.

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Reviewed by Hellraiser-1 7

When I began to watch this movie I thought I was in front of another "Friday the thirteenth" rip-off and well,it follows the formula but at the same time it introduces some quite interesting elements that makes it superior to other similar movies released at the cinemas such as "Cut"or "Urban legend 2" and I liked the end because it′s a change with reference to some irritating topics from this kind of movies, I know there′s someone here telling it has no sense but I don′t think so.Although I have to say I′m quite used to strange movies with strange endings, check out the Spanish "School Killer", it′s fantastic.I give "Kolobos" 6 out of 10.

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