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Reviewed by Beast-5 7

KOLOBOS surprised me. I thought it would be your run-of-the-mill Dead Teenager movie,but the movie went far beyond mere slasher conventions. The images are genuinely surreal,the script is smart and the deaths<br/><br/>look seriously painful. The ending rocks and even if you don&#39;t understand it,you WILL squirm. KOLOBOS is a very good movie that deserves to be experienced.

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Reviewed by Monica4937 7

I have to say this is most definitely a horror gem. When my friend and I were choosing movies to watch on our movie night she decided to rent this one solely based on the description on the back of the cover. Man was this a good decision. For those of you that have already seen My Little Eye and later on watch this film, you will find that MLE is almost like a carbon copy (minus the ending...somewhat). 5 strangers are picked to spend (God knows how many) weeks/months in a house while being video taped 24/7. In MLE it was for a snuff website, in Kolobos it was for a &quot;film&quot;. BOTH end up taking a turn for the worse. I really really REALLY enjoyed Kolobos because 1. They offered some fanTASTIC gore effects without all that CGI crap that so many horror films are using now, 2. The storyline is one giant mind fu*k that leaves you sitting there thinking &quot;What the hell just happened? Woah...&quot; (in a good way of course), and 3. The dialog between actors was hilarious. I really enjoyed the one scene where they&#39;re watching a cheesy slasher/horror that one of the girls chosen starred in, and one guy is going &quot;This film is crap! How can you watch this bullsh*t.&quot; while another guy is sitting there with his eyes glued to the TV going off on some deep, intellectual view of the &quot;crap&quot; movie. . It was truly a funny scene. While I can&#39;t say the actual acting was good in this, everything else about it was. Highly recommended! *two thumbs up* 7.5/10

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Reviewed by doctor_dolittle 6

&quot;Kolobos&quot; is just what you would expect it to be, a direct-to-video B-Flick for the 90s... with a twist. OK, there are substantial amounts of gore (a little too much for my taste), sub-par acting, and a dark house full of victims, but it actually tries to be intelligent. Our main character, Kyra, actually has a bit of depth to her. She is not just another big-breasted ditz out of the eighties; she actually has problems that don&#39;t relate to who she is going to take to prom or if her outfit is slutty enough to attract her dream man. Although, the rest of the characters are pretty annoying and you kind of wish they get offed quickly... and, of course, they do, and in a variety of clever ways. It&#39;s not just the axe or meat-cleaver for this serial killer. No, no, what we have here is a murder that knows how to cope with their surroundings, using anything in their grasp to eliminating the &quot;Real World&quot; crew, which, let&#39;s face it, is what we&#39;ve all been waiting for. And as for the ending, for those of you that can&#39;t figure it out, e-mail me to find out what was going on, because this is not the place to spoil the movie. Personally, I thought the ending was quite intelligent for a piece of direct-to-video schlock, digging deep into the mind of a psychologically disfunctional artist. Overall, not too shabby, but, as always, it could have been so much more.

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