Knives Out


Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 8.0


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2/7/2020 9:22:27 AM

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Reviewed by pere-25366 8

What an excellent film by <a href="/name/nm0426059/">Rian Johnson</a>; definitely feels like the film he was destined to make. Writing that is slick as hell, sublime performances (most notably Daniel Craig who brings his A-game in a wonderfully charismatic turn), superb editing and wonderfully atmospheric music - all tied together by masterful direction. Will probably be among the most fun you have at a theatre this year and fans of Agatha Christie and old murder mystery stories will have plenty to love here - a nostalgically entertaining time!

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Reviewed by kamalhasnaa 9

Nothing was typical about this. Everything was beautifully done in this movie, the story, the flow, the scenario, everything.I highly recommend it for mystery lovers, for anyone who wants to watch a good movie!

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Reviewed by theawsomeadrian 10

Best movie of the year, love everything about it, what I&#39;m seeing is that some trolls that still can&#39;t get over TLJ, now for those that have and give it a 1 well that&#39;s fair but have some reasons why, not just bc it&#39;s Rian Johnson, like stop it&#39;s childish

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