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Reviewed by Merrick00 8

I work at a video store and thus get free rentals. I picked up "Kiss the Bride" on a whim. Lately I have been coming on IMDb right as I start a movie and when I saw the 5.5 rating I almost didn't bother watching it, but as I had nothing better to do I watched it anyway (anything is better than homework right?) Anyway, I started watching it and was pleasantly surprised. It is a fairly light hearted romance, but it had such a true life aspect to it that i felt that anyone could relate to someone in the film and thus it would resonate that much closer to people. You have these four very different sisters who grew up in a very traditional Catholic Italian family, they went their separate ways when they reached adulthood and are all now reuniting for the wedding of the one sister who never left the family or the families values behind. It shows all the closeness sisters can have with out being syrupy and while showing the conflicts and the competitiveness they feel to each other. People have complained it is a rip off of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". But it is not. This is a much more simpler film. Yes you have a big family and the groom-to-be becomes a part of it but this movie is just more realistic. I'd definitely recommend it to someone who wants to laugh a little maybe cry a bit and just have a good time watching a fun movie. It's not over the top like "My Best Friends Wedding" and it just is a gem of a film. I don't know just my thoughts and feelings...

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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8

In Rhode Island, in the Italo-American family Sposato, Danni (Amanda Detmer) is going to marry Geoffrey Brancato (Johnathon Schaech). Danni is virgin, lives with her parents Santo (Burt Young) and Irena (Talia Shire) and is the third and &#39;the good daughter&#39; of her family. Her three sisters come for her wedding: the older Nikki (the gorgeous Brooke Langton), a successful TV starlet, who works in a TV show very similar to &#39;Baywatch&#39;. Nikki brings her boy-friend and manager Marty Weinberg (Johnny Whitworth) to be introduced to her family. Chrissy (Vanessa Parise), who deals with investments in Wall Street; and the rebel younger Toni (Monet Mazur), who plays in a rock-and- roll band with her lesbian lover Amy Kayne (Alissa Milano). Together, they have meals in the restaurant of Tom Terranova (Sean Patrick Flanery), the former and first love of Nikki. Many discussions in the breast of the Sposato family show wounds not healed, when the characters expose their real feelings. <br/><br/>This lovely low budget movie is a gem about themes related to family, relationship, love, feeling, religion and sex. I respect, but do not understand the unfair &#39;IMDB User Rating&#39; of only 5.6, specially after seeing the &#39;Demographic Breakdown&#39;, the &#39;Arithmetic Mean&#39; of 7.8 and the &#39;Median&#39; of 9. The story about a Latin Catholic family is wonderful and the performances of the beautiful cast are excellent. There is romance, comedy and drama in right doses. I was particularly impressed with the beauty of Brooke Langton, and the wonderful smile of Vanessa Parise. My vote is eight.<br/><br/>Title (Brazil): &#39;O Beijo da Noiva&#39; (&#39;The Kiss of the Bride&#39;)

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Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 7

I am a huge fan of Sean Patrick Flanery, I am not kidding. His work and not to mention his beautiful looks always get me, and when I noticed at Hollywood Video they had Kiss the Bride, I didn&#39;t hesitate to pick it up and watch it at home. Yes, I was a bit shallow, I kinda watched it just to see Sean, because I love him so. But I got more than that, I got an nice and honest movie about sisterhood and how differences can tear and pull back together a family. The acting and movie in general is a good one with some water wrenching moments. Although there were a few things they could have patched up, like some of the plots were not ending well or the characters could have been more developed, over all this is a movie I would recommend for a watch.<br/><br/>7/10

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