Kiss at Pine Lake


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Reviewed by whytejamaican 3

Whoever the casting director was needs to be fired. Mia Kirshner's acting was so dry, expressionless and void of emotion, that she pulled the movie down. She is aptly named Mia because her personality was M.I.A. in this movie. Barry Watson did a great job and really played his role well. This movie would've been a lot better with a strong female lead and someone that had chemistry with Barry Watson.

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Reviewed by kgd50 7

Some spectacular outdoor shots on location at Evans Lake, Brackendale British Columbia. (North of Vancouver).

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6

Luke Garvey and Zoe McDowell have a summer camp fling. They kiss in the end and promise to stay in touch. They don&#39;t. Fifteen years later, Luke Garvey (Barry Watson) is a rich philanthropist. He buys the camp to run it as it was during his childhood. The camp is in desperate need of repairs but he is short of cash. Zoe McDowell (Mia Kirshner) is a high-powered lawyer and she is ordered to buy the camp from under the new owner to be torn down.<br/><br/>There is a movie called Indian Summer which has a very similar story. That one is much better but this one is fine. The villain is trying too hard. The pairing of Watson and Kirshner has a sincere romantic feel. They are good together and that keeps the movie going. The plot isn&#39;t that complex. It&#39;s a very simple romance feel-good Hallmark movie. I just don&#39;t like the villain constantly being villainous for every second on screen.

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