Kiss and Cry


Biography / Drama

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Reviewed by janick_gers_clone 7

I watched this film not knowing it was a true story, what makes this film so powerful is everything that went into it. The story is of a girl with a rare form of cancer who fights it keeping a positive mind and body, even with a trachea tube she still sings, skates and fights to the end. The locations are Carley's home, her school, the hospital she was in and she is played by a close friend Sarah Fisher. There are no words to describe how delicately this film is executed, the director Sean Cisterna created a masterpiece, a truly wonderful execution of the life of an amazing girl. The entire cast should be proud of themselves, the family, the friends, her skating coach, it felt so real. I never knew Carley but at the end of this movie I now know I won't ever forget her. Some musicians look up to Bach or Beethoven, Boxers to Muhammed Ali, Climbers to Edmund Hilary. There's not enough words allowed in a review to say how much this movie and Carley moved me, other than I found the person to lookup to. My parents brought me into this world, Carley taught me how to live in it. Always Smile!

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Reviewed by john-beever 10

Great acting especially Sarah Fisher playing her friend made it even better. I'm sure she actually felt the experience herself. This film is a tear jerker.

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Reviewed by aytac_koca 5

The story on its own was good, but I couldn't enjoy the movie since the very start because of the comments the main personage was giving towards the camera during the complete movie. Everytime I thought 'now the movie got me and I am about to start enjoy', the girl turns towards the camera and starts giving narrations. Very annoying and giving no space for own imagination...

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