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Reviewed by conductor_mtm 8

I was expecting the Michael Moore treatment showing how evil big corporations are to unsuspecting Americans with a snide but preachy sense of humor. Instead you find fair treatment of all the issues with multiple perspectives shown. The makers really were fair and balanced. Agriculture issues tend to be complicated with many shades of gray between minimal black and white. The makers of King Corn drifted across this monochrome spectrum with ease by letting the subject speak for itsself. As a midwesterner, I was very surprised that they didn't portray Iowans as backward rednecks straight from central casting. I hope they decide to make more documentaries as they did wonderful with this one!

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Reviewed by Tom-464 10

I knew this movie was going to be good from the trailers and the reviews I&#39;d read, but I didn&#39;t expect to be blown away by such an unpretentious little flick. The truth is, it didn&#39;t need pretensions - the facts it presents, clearly and without dramatization at all, are plenty enough to make its point.<br/><br/>This is a documentary in the style of the &quot;Columbo&quot; detective series: a pair of friends wander through the Iowa corn industry, discovering things as they go, and showing us what they discover. Simple enough; but what they discover - and show us as they discover it - is a damning indictment not only of the corn industry, but of the entire American way of factory farming.<br/><br/>What&#39;s wrong with high fructose corn syrup? Why is grass-fed beef so HUGELY better than corn-fed beef? How do you force land that&#39;s been farmed literally to death to produce crops anyway, and bumper crops at that? See this movie; you&#39;ll find out.<br/><br/>Naah, on second thought, don&#39;t worry about the questions: just see this movie.

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Reviewed by petersj-2 8

College buddies return to a place called Greene in Iowa which was their ancestral home. This is a disturbing documentary but handled with intelligence and warmth. Basically it deals with the fact that because we are all demanding cheap food we are prepared to ignore the enormous health and environmental repercussions of over production. The issue is handled brilliantly and it will be easy to see how the film makers will be (wrongly) accused of exaggeration. Just like climate skeptics today these guys will be accused of scare mongering. That&#39;s the sad reality. The film makers however have been fair and balanced. What&#39;s wrong with corn? Essentially nothing but the corn is being fed to cattle. This is where it gets very disturbing. Its clever how the industry has used the term &quot;grain fed&quot; as a positive. What is disturbing is the corn produced is nothing like the juicy variety we like smothered in butter, indeed it is almost inedible! The corn is fed to cattle. It gets worse. To help the cattle avoid disease there are anti biotics added to the corn.The potential dangers here are too horrible to think about.The humanitarian aspects of modern family are another issue but you will find the film disturbing. I had a look in my pantry and was shocked to see just how much corn syrup is used. We have a right to know what we are eating and King Corn is a revelation but not a very comforting one. I could speak more about the issue itself but others have done that. It is scary and it makes me think of the field of dreams as a field of nightmares and I doubt Elvira Madigan will be running through corn fields in America. The documentary itself is rational without being cloyingly provocative. No preaching and no bad guys. The directors treat the farmers as victims as well. The people in the film are just lovely. They are hard working Americans trapped in an unethical industry. We, the consumers, are the real culprits; our demand to keep food cheap has led us to a diet which causes diabetes and other health scares. The film must be seen and its got the zappiest cleverest little ending. Sadly a limited audience will see this. It wont be on main stream TV, indeed I only saw it as it was recommended by a friend. One thing is for certain is if is shown on television it will not be sponsored by any fast food chains.

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