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Reviewed by tkaine3 5

The cinematography is good for a B movie this film has a Lifetime vibe too it. Unknown actors do a good enough job the lead looks like a former prom queen. The stories not very original and kinda predictable but there's enough funny moments to keep it unique and interesting. With a skeleton crew of actors throughout the entirety it gets pretty lame but I would recommend this for my mom to watch but that's about it the ending was ?? OK so I guess it wasn't a total bust if you need to waste an hour & 30 mins.

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Reviewed by redlightlessness 7

I like single location movies given the script is fine. I didn't pay a single cent to watch this movie but kept watching it all the way to the end without any regret. This is the method of my payment. Despite being B Class this is a good movie. I really liked the performance of the "former prom queen" caliber actress and also the lead guy. Watchable.

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Reviewed by pavaar 10

Single location films aren't for everyone, nor the touchy subject matter, but I was at the edge of my seat the whole ride. The acting was fantastic.

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