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Reviewed by matthewstenerson 10

Kid West is a fun and adventurous movie. It had a great original story, funny moments, and a clever mystery. It was a little like Indiana Jones, one of my all-time favorites! I was very impressed with the writing, directing, and acting. I could see this being turned into a series or having a sequel.

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Reviewed by johnhandsome-32658 10

Fun movie that I think both parents and kids will both enjoy. The story is about a little girl, Kid West, who is trying to protect her mom from the same fate as her dad, a cop. She&#39;s also trying to replace her dad, financially. The movie starts when they leave the south and relocate to the Midwest. Kid West is told by her mom to stay out of trouble, but of course Kid West finds herself in a crazy adventure where she thinks a local Native American girl stole Ojibwe treasure from a museum.<br/><br/>Soon things get mixed up. Local bullies arrive, along with an odd older sheriff. I liked the story a lot and thought it was pretty interesting in that it portrayed the characters it did, females, Native Americans... There was some great little plot twists and I think probably some meaty metaphors in there as well.<br/><br/>Definitely worth watching!Only complaint is that it&#39;s too short!

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Reviewed by SawyerJohson 10

Good action, fun story, some decent special effects: fire, a truck jump, BMX bikers, sling shots, a variety of characters. Movie kept my attention, not bad for something I just came across by accident!<br/><br/>We watched this on Am Prime<br/><br/>Characters were cute and relatable. Writing was solid, obviously crafted with someone who understands story. The girl who plays the main character, Mary Bair, was really fun, kind of made the whole movie. A lot of other fun little parts. Movie opens with Kid West saving a stolen puppy from bullies. My kid was glued to the TV after that. Movie has some surprising twists as well, with some notable faces, Bruce Bohne, i recognized from all sorts of other huge movies. Overall, highly suggested!

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