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Reviewed by Sachin_Chavan 8

What a film! The premise as well as execution! The main actors have wonderful chemistry and love here is full of fighting, yet divine. The music is superb. And the locale and camera work excellent. Never saw a film entirely on train track (right, not on the train), well, almost! You aren't likely to forget it.

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Reviewed by wslbastos 6

It&#39;s a 80&#39;s movie, but the cinematography (color) doesn&#39;t resemble to that time. The &quot;old movie&quot; is delivered (poorly) by the custom design, that could also resemble to nowadays, once we live in an eclecticism in fashion.<br/><br/>Dialogues and acting are amazing. Actors owe nothing to the greatest in Hollywood. They both get growing in confidence as the movie goes on. The soundtrack is excellent and it gives dynamics to the first act that is not well accomplished by the image construction.<br/><br/>I think the monotone landscape and lack of variation in frame doesn&#39;t help to tell the story, but the real problem is a structural problem in screenplay. There is no main emotional conflict between characters. Losing a train and expecting a birth aren&#39;t sufficient to attach the audience unless these facts work as a ground (pretext) to ignite a latent conflict between them.<br/><br/>But again, acting and soundtrack are worth watching this movie. It&#39;s a light and delightful movie indeed as another review has said. Good choice to relax and also to study about movie making out of Hollywood, mainly on peripheral countries where the lack of investments on cinema reflects on a not-so-good cinematography.

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Reviewed by willf71 7

The tone is delightful with some cliches. Acting is well-performed with energy. The story is a bit slow at the beginning but accelerates at some point and becomes quite unexpected. I do not regret watching this joyful movie.

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