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Reviewed by thefloodhavecome 7

I don&#39;t feel like wasting much of my time writing a long, in-depth review on a film such as Kaw, a Sci-Fi Original Movie, so let me get straight to the details here: This film is about a pack rabid birds (Supposedly just ravens, but it&#39;s pretty obvious that they have a mixture of ravens and crows in the there) that terrorize a town for a reason not revealed until near the end, and most of the film is spent following several people who meet up in the end, simply running from the creatures. It&#39;s really as simple and ridiculous as that.<br/><br/>But, I don&#39;t think I&#39;ve enjoyed a Sci-Fi movie as much as Kaw since the should-be cult-classic Alien Apocalypse (Starring Bruce Campbell) or the amazingly bad Nature Unleashed: Tornado. Yes, it has its mass of flaws including very mediocre CGI (a commonface among Sci-Fi movies), an uninteresting and generic plot/story, and an extremely lame, clichéd ending for the genre. But... I will go as far as to say the acting was pretty good/mediocre, but never laughably bad; an oddity with Sci-Fi movies. Same thing goes with the diologue which proved to be believable and somewhat interesting on occasion.<br/><br/>Even though the movie doesn&#39;t have any &#39;scary&#39; scenes (as expected), I was surprised to find that it did, however, have a few slightly intense moments here and there that had me creep towards my TV, as well as a good amount of blood and gore that was seemingly well-done.<br/><br/>Overall, Kaw is a decent film for the Sci-Fi channel. Usually these movies end up being complete unbearable disasters, but this one was, to some extent, entertaining; I enjoyed watching this on my Saturday night where I didn&#39;t have much else to do, and I&#39;d say it was worth watching. My Sci-Fi Channel Original Picture score for Kaw makes an easy 7/10, but my real score is shown above.

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Reviewed by jazza923 4

This is a reworking of Alfred Hitchcock&#39;s &quot;The Birds&quot;. And, this is a great example of why I prefer classic movies. The Birds started out developing the characters. You understood them, and even to care for them. Gradually Hitchcock built up the suspense and he anticipated the audience reactions. The Birds had real characters, complete with quirks, flaws, problems, emotions and feelings. You got to really know the citizens and visitors of Bodega Bay. It also had a plot, (imagine that), genuine suspense, atmosphere, humor, a riveting score and masterful Hitch touches throughout. It wasn&#39;t about special effects, gore and shock, although he incorporated that into The Birds, it is not what made the film work.<br/><br/>Kaw isn&#39;t an awful film, but it lacks just about everything I mentioned above. It lacks a heart and soul, and especially character development. There are no intriguing characters. It&#39;s obvious and predictable. There isn&#39;t much suspense if you know what&#39;s going to happen. It&#39;s watchable, I wasn&#39;t bored. Best of all, it helped me appreciate the classics even more. Watch this, then The Birds. You&#39;ll see what makes a film great, rather than just merely passable.

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Reviewed by siderite 6

It&#39;s a Sci Fi Channel movie. With killer ravens that got infected from Amish mad cows. I thought it was relaxing to watch the film, expecting every bit of it to be as it was and not getting disappointed. I wasn&#39;t expecting much, though.<br/><br/>The result was some shoddy CGI birds, a lot of scenes ripped off from The Birds, no script, nothing scary, people dying from superficial wounds and car accidents, a big explosion to save the day and a quick scare last scene.<br/><br/>Bottom line: no reason why you should see this film. No reason why you shouldn&#39;t, either. It&#39;s the perfect zen TV movie, in perfect balance.

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