Kathryn Upside Down


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Reviewed by AlbertV79 10

This is the kind of movie you will want to see when you have a bad day. Using more improvisation as opposed to scripted, first time filmmaker Allie Loukas is a face to look out for. She reminded me of Ellie Kemper and gives a great performance as Kathryn, who is miserable with her current situation and her handling of a shocking turn of events that are bound to change her life forever. The supporting cast are great as well, bringing to mind elements of various things, including a possible Cinderella-like tale not for Kathryn, but her mother, who has an evil husband and stepdaughter. Christoper M. Walsh is great as Bob, the plumber whose shocking revelation brings the titular term to mind. This is one indie comedy I would highly recommend.

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Reviewed by maryjoe238 10

The film is very interesting. It is about a young girl meeting her father and how it changes her. It is very funny but took an unexpected serious turn which caught me off guard in a good way, it's a bizarre mix of fun and sometimes sadness...it's a unique film.

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Reviewed by drhuffman-17263 10

Great movie! So hard to find great comedies now! Best one I've seen in years! Great Chicago movie! Makes me want Giordanos!

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