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Reviewed by Stevieboy666 2

It is Halloween and the small town of Hamilton is being terrorised by an escaped, axe wielding maniac (masked and wearing an orange boiler suite). Amazingly he is able to wonder around the streets quite openly. Mind you the "comedy" cops are about as much use an astray on a motorbike!Karpenter is obviously inspired and an homage to the likes of Halloween, etc, but as slasher movies go this is really bottom of the barrel stuff. It is very low budget, many of the actors (for want of a better word!) play several roles and the killings, whilst brutal, are done mainly off screen, with a bucket of blood thrown against the wall for effect. The music is really annoying, as is the unsteady camerawork and pathetic attempts at humour (in particular a young woman farting whist sat on the loo). Zero marks for originality.Thankfully the movie clocks in at an hour, the last 10 minutes being credits and bloopers.

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Reviewed by gressman07 6

This movie has no budget or originality. It&#39;s a pretty blatant &quot;Halloween&quot; clone with some elements of the sequel too. If you&#39;re expecting something more turn elsewhere.<br/><br/>That being said, it knows what it is and doesn&#39;t pretend to be something more. The characters aren&#39;t going to win any Oscar&#39;s, but are mostly deadpan or quirky enough that I found them enjoyable for the most part. It all borders on &quot;so bad its good&quot; but at least they seem in on the joke and aren&#39;t attempting to be overtly serious or pretend they are in anything but a C movie.<br/><br/>The kills are perhaps entirely off screen tear-aways with insta-one-swipe-beheadings by axe. You wont find any direct gore here but several neck stubs and at least one over the top arterial spray abound.<br/><br/>This movie does more with no budget than most small budget Halloween flicks. If you go in with the right expectations you might enjoy it. I wasnt expecting much with what Prime puts out in terms of Halloween but was surprised with the seeming throwback style music/theme, the fact it doesn&#39;t take itself too seriously, and generally enjoying the characters who exude a type of deadpan quirkiness (even the cop duo, who are typically the most cringe in these movies)<br/><br/>I start all movies at default 5 and go from there. It was enjoyable enough for it&#39;s very short stay to leave me with 6/10 (slightly positive). Pretty refreshing to see one of these no budget Halloween slashers check out after 45 mins as further extension would have likely led to lukewarm (5/10) or increasingly negative impressions.<br/><br/>There&#39;s probably little value to this beyond its Halloween-based appeal come October and those into the &quot;31 films for 31 days&quot; routine. I have certainly seen worse this year already (Hayride). I doubt I would ever return for another viewing but can honestly say I had a good time with this no budget, C-movie summation (clone) of Halloween 1+2 in 45 minutes.

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Reviewed by tdrish 1

Karpenter is about the most annoying slasher movie I have ever seen in my life. Clocked in at barely one hour of your life, this cannot even be called a silly slasher movie. It is just flat out annoying. The music is annoying, the the story is close to zilch, and the acting ( if that&#39;s what you want to call it) is atrociously horrible. I mean, something is wrong when I think A Night To Dismember is better then this. And were talking about a movie without audio, that entire film was dubbed over with commentary, I joke you not. I would rather watch that movie nine times in a row, then to watch Karpenter one more time. A killer is presumed dead in a morgue, he escapes from the morgue, and begins slashing victims on Halloween night, wearing a scary Halloween mask. Does it sound like Halloween? It should. Just picture Halloween if it SUCKED. I mean, I cannot get over the length of this movie. One hour? Actually, it&#39;s only, I would say 45 minutes long, because the next 15 minutes is just the credits rolling, along with scenes you already saw, along with a blooper reel. Even with 45 minutes, it seemed as if 15 minutes of it was filler. It was almost as if someone just got the idea &quot;I&#39;m going to make a movie. I don&#39;t care how bad it is, I don&#39;t care how long I have to write a script, I don&#39;t care how much money I need to make it, I want to make a movie.&quot; I want to make a movie too, bud. Unlike you, I want to make a good movie. The gore is generic. 80&#39;s, campy style gore. There&#39;s nothing to see here. I mean, look, they couldn&#39;t even spell Karpenter right!

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