Justice League Dark: Apokolips War


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Reviewed by jadediamond 10

I'll never understand why Warner Brothers refuse to let the writers for the animated movies write the live action movies. Ever since I was a child, their animated movies and storytelling have been amazing. One of my forever DC animated movies is Batman's Mask of the Phantasm. At first I wasn't crazy about the new 52 movies, but after they tweaked simple things like placing Clark back with Lois and Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor, I grew to love it. They did a wonderful job setting up this universe and this movie was a masterpiece. I like that they didn't play it safe. This movie is way better than Endgame.The major plot point for Endgame made more sense in this movie and I liked they didn't play that card until it made sense in an "end of an era" way to create a new chapter. I will watch this movie again but well done to the writers, animators, and all who put together such a wonderful universe, with a great understanding of the characters, giving them their moments to shine, and also a great yet poetic sendoff. I also never understood how the powers of Constantine fit in with the DC universe or Justice League. Now, I understand. Will definitely miss this version of Bruce, Damian, and Dick/Nightwing. Heck, I'll miss this version of alot of the superheroes. But it was a great sendoff and look forward for the next era of the DCAU. Awesome movie!!!

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Reviewed by montather1995 10

Great finale for amazing animated extended universe just go and watch it don't miss it if you are a DC fan

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Reviewed by akashfi23 7

The best of DCAU ! What an ending to this awesome universe !!! I was almost in tears :')Never thought after Flashpoint there would be another this good movie from DCAU. DCEU should learn from this. They should do a flashpoint to reset their universe.Cant wait for the new universe ahead. Hope that will be better than this one.

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