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Reviewed by henryg 7

I thought the movie was great. I was channel surfing and found this movie as it was just starting. Usually I have to know something about a movie before I watch it-I don't like wasting my time. Charles Durning and Tracey Needham made a great team, I wish they would make a TV series about this movie. I used to watch Tracey on JAG all the time. I hope she gets more parts in TV or movies. I like seeing Jim B., I wish he had more screen time. I rate this movie 9 stars and I would see it again.

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Reviewed by xredgarnetx 4

JUSTICE, or BACKLASH, was a dull and plodding TV flick about a prosecutor attempting to avoid being executed by a Colombian drug cartel. I watched it thinking it was going to be a Jim Belushi vehicle, but Belushi wasn't the star. A TV actress named Tracey Needham was, and while she was very attractive, she ain't no Jim Belushi. I didn't quite make it to the end, as I had to leave for work and I was getting bored anyhow. Charles Durning co-starred to no particular effect. While glossily photographed, JUSTICE looks like it was strictly a paycheck for all involved, including the legendary and ageless Henry Silva as Sal the Joker. And here we go again: IMDb wants more lines, God knows why. Brevity is often the beauty of a movie review. But not here. No sir-ee, Bob. You gotta drag these things out. Drag them out, I say!

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Reviewed by DEPRESSEDcherry 6

This is a solid crime thriller TV movie with some good performances throughout. It plows along at quite a pace and throws a lot of story into the pot, but it just about holds it together. The production value is strong and it still looks good today almost 20 years later. Its a mix of the mafia, courtrooms and cops, and attempts to explore what suffifcient justice really means in society.Be warned though as despite star billing on the DVD cover Jim Belushi has a small role here, and is best described as a minor co-star.

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