Jurassic City


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Reviewed by mainoslaatikkoni 1

Horrible acting, even worse animation. A high school crew would have made a better movie. A movie about dinosaurs getting lose in a prison. The dinosaurs were worse animated than Sponge bob. Lighting effects were non-existent. Come on, it's 2014 and you couldn't find a decent graphics artist. Every special effect was like a 15 year old game on the lowest settings. Just please no one watch this movie. Not worth a single second, let be 90 minutes. It was 90 minutes of straight torture. I'm just gonna type nonsense for the last few lines, because there's nothing more to say about this movie. It could be said in one line.. Just do not watch it and please don't let this director or producer make any more movies.

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Reviewed by joaophilippe-mb-monteiro 1

It is just wrong. CGI is cheap, monsters/blood/explosions don&#39;t connect to the set, to the lights; editing is awkward, sometimes a kill is full frontal, gory details and all, and sometimes it happens off-screen; story is as thin as you probably guessed, lines vary from utilitarian to abscond, with maybe an attempt at making it into genre sub-culture but unconvincingly so.<br/><br/>And light/camera work is terrible: if you where willing to actually see the faces, the expressions of the people at work in front of you during one of those &quot;let me explain myself&quot; scene, you are out of luck one time out of two - which is, in these times of all-digital processing, kind of a shame.<br/><br/>And it is full of mistakes, big and small, that you&#39;ll surely find a list of on this fine website if only people can be coerced to report on them.<br/><br/>I hope the people who worked that film had fun, where getting paid and all that, and legitimately didn&#39;t hold too much hopes for the success of that thing.<br/><br/>As much as I enjoyed Attack the Block, Pacific Rim or Independence Day or other stuff that people should obviously watch without taking it the least bit seriously, well, we are seriously into Anaconda III or various alligator/saurian Terribly Bad CGI siblings territory here; this is definitely no Snakes On A Plane.

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Reviewed by slothmister 2

The idea is OK, some dinosaurs escape captivity and run wild.<br/><br/>But...<br/><br/>The acting is terrible. Some of the worst I have ever seen. Too melodramatic when they should be dramatic and way too dramatic when there was no need.<br/><br/>The special effects are horrendous! Jurassic Park had good special effects, Jurassic City just looked fake. The dinosaurs were on a slightly different lighting level to the rest of the scene. It reminded my of the original Godzilla movies.<br/><br/>The story had some stupid twists, stuff that would never happen in real life and one specifically which is so bad it made me wonder what the writers were thinking.<br/><br/>All in all, one of the worst films I have ever seen, but not in an annoyingly bad way, just in a &quot;what am I watching&quot; type way. If you have 90 minutes to waste then you could do worse than this one, but it will be a waste of 90 minutes.

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