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Reviewed by behrlich39 10

Juno has an effect on you. You can tell by the opening title sequence that this movie has a lot of heart. The unique dialogue may come off as annoying to some but I find it to be one of the reasons the characters feel so real and likable. I felt as if Juno was a real person throughout the whole film, thanks to Ellen page. Her performance is perfect and there could not have been a better pick for the lead role. All of the casting choices are great. Including J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney as Juno's Parents. Jason Reitman did his best directing in his career by far on this film, in my opinion of coarse. Diablo Cody's perfect script would have been ruined by any other director. But Reitman has an amazing control of tone. On a personal level Juno has left an impression on me and I will truly never forget it.

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Reviewed by Bharath Karthikeyan 8

Anybody who gets to see the promos or the DVD covers would have enough clue about what the movie is about.Well I can tell you this,its not only the story which was brilliant - Its the wonderfully written screenplay,great acting by the casts,captivating photography with great locations and of course Ellen Page's incredible acting which has made a mark. There is generally a specific group of audience who could appreciate a certain movie,but when it gets to Juno...anybody above the "PG13" audience will definitely love it.The movie is about emotions,friends,innocence,parenthood,commitment and of course the fun in living it up! I enjoyed watching the movie over a Sunday afternoon at home,I just fell in love with it :)

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Reviewed by Paul 7

This could have been a very, very good film. I enjoyed the basic plot - a quirky, tomboy-ish 16 year old discovers she&#39;s pregnant, decides to give the baby up for adoption to the &quot;perfect couple&quot; but finds that the perfect couple isn&#39;t so perfect - and maybe no relationship ever is.<br/><br/>There were also some great moments, and great lines. I like when Juno tells the baby&#39;s quirky father, Bleeker (played by Michael Cera) that he is the coolest person she knows, without even trying. And he responds that, actually, he is trying really hard (to be cool).<br/><br/>I guess that gets me to the problem with the movie- it&#39;s trying waaaaay too hard to be cool (by being quirky - yes I have used this word 3 times already, intentionally). In the beginning, a store clerk sees that Juno&#39;s pregnancy test is positive, and he says: &quot;that&#39;s one diddle that can&#39;t be undone, home-skillet&quot;. I cringed. As others have mentioned, Juno has an &quot;ironic&quot; hamburger phone, wears &quot;ironic&quot; t-shirts featuring 70&#39;s era toys (Slinky), wears Converse sneakers, and can&#39;t seem to have a conversation without making pop-culture references no matter what is going on - even when her water breaks and she is headed to the hospital, she has the detached sense of irony to make a reference to a mid-80&#39;s cartoon, yelling: &quot;Thundercats are go!&quot; I cringed again. I get it - Juno is a hip, snarky, ironic, tough, cool-because-she-trying-not-to-be-cool chick. But she becomes a cartoon, a warped caricature of an actual quirky kid. I could not accept Juno as &quot;real&quot; and was painfully aware that I was watching a movie.<br/><br/>And that is my ONLY problem with the film. The other characters and their stories are amazing - particularly the adoptive couple, and the difficulties they are facing. The best parts of the movie are those few moments when Juno gets her uber-ironic self off the screen, and we get to enjoy the other, more realistic, characters.<br/><br/>Would have given this a 8.5, if not for the cartoonish-ness of the Juno character. Thundercats are not go.

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