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Reviewed by samgjohnson11 9

Really liked the pace, acting, and music! Good story that kept me engaged the whole time. Highly recommend!

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Reviewed by georgio-26490 10

Not what i expected, and to get the wow out of this piece of cinematic brilliance id advise you to bypass trailers and synopsis.its a gritty down-to-earth film involving two brothers and a questionable young lady, gangsters and bare knuckle boxing along with a gripping road trip across country.<br/><br/>the direction is top form, camera work excellent, on point acting and the casting is just perfection!dont miss out on this gem that ridley scott had the foresight to produce.a brilliant storyline that plays with every emotion.

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Reviewed by mnmgodz 9

Seriously this guy never seizes to amaze me in violent roles. He brings a rage and true savageness to his character. One downside is that there isn&#39;t enough of it. Great acting all around. Charlie Hunnam does a great job as the older brother. Had a good plot. This movie needs to get recognized. Definitely recommend it!

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