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Reviewed by Justin Lloyd ([email protected])

It would be a natural assumption that since Tim Allen is the main characterin this movie, and that since this movie IS supposed to be a comedy, thatsome of Tim Allen's lines would have at least some humorous content to them. About 90% of his lines were flat and were spoken like they were SUPPOSED tobe funny, but just weren't.As for the rest of the movie, why is it that since someone is raised in thejungle, they are complete idiots? His son could speak two languages, seemedrather intelligent, and yet, he'd kill someone elses fish and eat them,steal catfood from the cat and eat it, and do other stupid things thatsomeone with common sense wouldn't do. The things he did were moreembarrasingly stupid then funny and just didn't create all that manylaughs.Now if we want to look at the point of view of the movie being meaningful asfar as a father/son relationship...well...ok, a big time, job oriented guywith a hot new girlfriend finds out he has a son (with his devorced wife,who is of course, really cool) and the two don't get along until then end,when they suddenly do. Like we haven't seen that storybefore.All in all, just not all that well done. I think the idea could have workedbut it was just a poor choice of a final script.Rent if you're bored, it'll entertain you, just don't expect anything allthat good.

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Reviewed by bob the moo

Michael Cromwell is a successful New York stockbroker looking forwardto his marriage to a successful fashion model. However before he can dothis he must finalise the divorce from his wife, who left him about 12years ago. Unfortunately she lives on a tropical island off the coastof Brazil and he finds himself stuck on the island with her. If thatwasn&#39;t bad enough he learns that the pale, 12 year old member of hertribe (Mimi-Siku) is actually his son. In order to avoid looking at themorality of her not telling him about this life, the story thenrequires Mimi-Siku to go to New York for reasons too boring to explainand &quot;laughter&quot; ensues and Michael learns some lessons that we all sawcoming from a mile off.<br><br>It is rare for me not even to have the energy to type a decent plotsummary for a film but for this one I make an exception. Part of theproblem is the fact that the plot manages to be embarrassinglypredictable from start to finish and provides nothing of value alongthe way. This is only made worse by the lack of laughs and the regularscenes of Mimi-Siku failing to fit in, one of the most embarrassing ofwhich sees him dancing with his father on the street. It is a string ofobvious scenarios all run together just as you&#39;d expect and there isnothing of any interest developed along the way. There are plenty of&quot;wild fish out of water in big city&quot; films already kicking around andthis offers no reason to add this to the list of the ones you&#39;ve seen.<br><br>The cast are equally lost in the midst of all this stuff and resort tomugging and overplaying at every opportunity. Obviously Allen was goingto do this anyway since this is what most of his films tend to be like.Martin Short does the same here and at least gets one, maybe two laughsas a result &#150; which is more than Allen. The clearly well-off and whiteHuntington is hilariously poor as the boy of the film, he doesn&#39;tconvince in any part of the film and is a big part of it beingembarrassing. The rest of the cast have little to do and even a turnfrom Stiers adds no value.<br><br>Overall a roundly poor film that takes the &quot;wild fish out of water incity&quot; genre, ticks as many boxes as it can, writes lots of predictableand weak scenarios and places them all within a story that is so poorlydeveloped that you pretty much know where it is going from the verystart. No laughs and no interest &#150; it might work as noisy nonsense todistract children but it has no value past that.

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Reviewed by ebot_00

My opinion on Jungle 2 Jungle is not as harsh, the movie was cute. Thefact that it was a remake isn&#39;t my complaint because it is really hardto find movies that haven&#39;t been remade from other foreign oralternative films. I give movies at least one chance. Tim Allen is, asusual, comedic while being a bit on the crazy side, but still funny inall the ways you would want him to be, if you like him. You are alsointroduced to Leelee Sobieski in her feature film debut (she had beenin TV movies, but not really big movies till Jungle 2 Jungle came out).The movie in general is a great family flick, one that everyone canenjoy. I believe that is should be given at least one chance, so go outand rent this fun movie.

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