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Reviewed by blanche-2 6

JULIE! Doris Day runs for her life in this drama about a woman with a psychopathic husband (Louis Jourdan). The story seems to start in the middle - it begins with Jourdan trying to crash his car with Julie in it because he&#39;s jealous of her talking to someone. We learn that Jourdan, who plays a concert pianist, is Julie&#39;s second husband, her first having committed suicide. Except that apparently he didn&#39;t according to a mutual friend, Cliff (Barry Sullivan). Cliff is worried about Julie living with this nut job and thinks that hubby #2 may have gotten rid of hubby #1. Determined to find out, Julie confronts him, and he admits it. Thus begins her desperate attempt to get away from him. When she finally escapes, she goes back to her old job as flight attendant on an airline.<br/><br/>The story hit a little too close to home for Doris Day, who didn&#39;t want to make the film because it reminded her of two earlier marriages. And possibly her third, as Marty Melcher insisted that she do it and was unhappy when she appeared friendly with Jourdan. However, thanks to the film, she discovered Carmel and Monterey and eventually made her home there. The scenery is glorious.<br/><br/>Day does the narration which uses the phrase &quot;strangely disturbing&quot; several times. It&#39;s maybe not the best movie you&#39;ve ever seen but it is very entertaining, and Doris is great as the terrified woman. What a talent, and her &#39;60s reinvention made her bigger than ever. Jourdan is quietly terrifying, and there are many suspenseful moments in the film. Highly watchable - it&#39;s a little all over the place, starting off as one thing and ending as another - but it will really hold your interest.

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Reviewed by Doylenf 7

Doris Day had a few &quot;damsel in distress&quot; roles in her movies, but none requiring her to be quite as stressed out as &quot;Julie&quot;. Trouble is the film is a bit too overwrought for comfort with Miss Day being pursued throughout by a maniacal husband (Louis Jourdan) whose only problem is he loves her to death--literally!! And not a single supporting character to give us a few laughs.<br/><br/>The last half-hour aboard an airliner where her husband has managed to become one of the passengers, is the best part of this neat little suspenser. Although all the usual cliches are present in the script, the terrified Doris manages to look convincingly cool and confident as she handles the controls of the airliner for the story&#39;s somewhat pat climax.<br/><br/>Louis Jourdan makes the husband look like a really jealous and possessive heel, aside from being a maniac--and since Doris Day reveals in her autobiography that she married a couple of these early on in her career--perhaps that helped her give a very credible performance. Not that she was any slouch in the acting department on a few of her other &quot;damsel in distress&quot; roles--STORM WARNING, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH and LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME. Let&#39;s forget the phony, overly fabricated MIDNIGHT LACE. Here she gives a strong and sincere performance as a terrified woman.<br/><br/>Barry Sullivan gives excellent support as a friend who tries to help her when the police admit they can&#39;t do anything. Frank Lovejoy is also fine as a detective.<br/><br/>I can&#39;t say much for the title tune, &quot;Julie&quot;, heard only during the credits and then quickly forgotten by me. To my surprise, it was nominated for a Best Song Oscar--so what do I know??<br/><br/>If you&#39;re a Doris Day fan, you&#39;ll find this suspenseful even though it takes itself much too seriously. There&#39;s not a hint of humor throughout the entire proceedings, not a single moment of relief. It&#39;s all very, very intense, whereas some humor would have helped. <br/><br/>Of course, there are always those who will laugh at the plot itself. It is, after all, a bit unbelievable by the time stewardess Day takes over the controls. It&#39;s to her credit that she makes it look real.

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Reviewed by bmacv 6

A thriller starring Doris Day a few years before she hit the jackpot with her string of coy sex comedies, Julie is what was known in the trade as a `jep&#39; ? a woman-in-jeopardy drama. It starts off promisingly with a spat at a country club between Day and her second husband, Louis Jourdan (the first Mr. Day, a presumed suicide, may have been his victim) that escalates into an incident of road rage. Jourdan is passed off as a concert pianist ? you know, one of those unstable `artistic&#39; types. And he fills out a startlingly up-to-date profile of the irrationally jealous, controlling spouse, alternating between murderous rages and mawkish contrition. (Since Charles Boyer launched the prototype of this sort of abusive male in Gaslight, it seems that Hollywood thought it safe to cast chiefly Frenchmen in subsequent outings.)<br/><br/>Julie wastes no time in setting Day to flee, with Jourdan in pursuit; her ally is old friend Barry Sullivan, who tries to smuggle her safely from Carmel to San Francisco. But Jourdan, who apparently missed his calling as an international master of intrigue, proves too smart for them and manages to get himself, gun in trenchcoat, aboard a cross-continental airliner.<br/><br/>Julie, you see, used to be an airline stewardess, and here is where the script&#39;s credibility ultimately crumbles. As the movie prepares to come in for a landing, it abruptly shifts gears, leaving behind the dark psychological drama of the noir cycle for the purely mechanical thrills of an Airport. And so what at first seemed daring ? revealing Jourdan as a woman-hating psycho without a tedious buildup ? turns into a time-saving gimmick to place Day as swiftly as possible behind the controls of an airplane. And so what started out as a psychologically astute study of obsession descends into the merely routine.

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