Joy of Sex


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Reviewed by budikavlan 7

This movie has several scenes that are very funny to watch interspersed with a lot of chaff. The director attempted to juggle far too many subplots, many of which are given short shrift in the mixed-up editing. In the end, it looks like one person directed about two films' worth of footage which was then thrown in a blender by another person to create the finished work. Names change from one scene to another, subplots are forgotten, characters are introduced only to be left by the wayside. All that aside, however, there are a few very funny scenes; the two main characters, both of whom spend the entire film trying to get laid (you'll never guess what happens at the end) are appealing.

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Reviewed by ericstevenson 3

Most people would probably say that the &quot;National Lampoon&quot; franchise jumped the shark in later years, but it was bad as early as this time. They just happened to be making better movies featuring the Griswold family. This isn&#39;t quite one of the worst comedies I&#39;ve ever seen. That&#39;s probably only because modern bad comedies are worse and constantly use fart and poop jokes. Much of the humor in this film comes from making jokes about animal genitalia. The funniest bit is when the teacher says she wishes she could teach in kindergarten where sex was a word no one understood.<br/><br/>The basic plot is that a girl thinks she&#39;s going to die soon and tries to lose her virginity. They use the old out of context eavesdropping trope. The fact that there&#39;s a bunch of misbehaving young adults makes it seem like they were trying to cash in on the success of &quot;Animal House&quot;. Then again, this was based on a book...loosely apparently. It&#39;s weird how this could even be considered a National Lampoon movie if it was based on something else. The story is mostly pointless and the characters are bland. *1/2

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Reviewed by sapienza 1

This movie pulled out none of the stops. 80s High School movies aren&#39;t usually this painful to watch. The story had potential to be a fun High School movie, but fell far short of the mark. If it weren&#39;t for the fact that I couldn&#39;t sleep and it&#39;s the only thing on TV, I wouldn&#39;t have seen it -- and right now I wish I could have gone with my first impulse and given those sleeping pills a shot.

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