Jojo Rabbit


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 8.0


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Reviewed by EvilMissQB 10

The trailer for the movie had me scratching my head but as a HUGE fan of Waititi I felt I ought to give it a shot.<br/><br/>My best spoiler free review is that this is an original, outrageous film. The emotional gamut we are subjected to is whiplash inducing, but without the neck brace and ambulance chasing lawyers.<br/><br/>Every actor is perfection. Young JoJo and Yorkie are devastatingly earnest and so talented. Sam Rockwell is always a master. Every subtle satire is underwritten with a grim level of truth. The soundtrack n unexpected choice.<br/><br/>Go see it. Prepare yourself for quite a ride.

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Reviewed by pnathan28 10

This film was exceptional and one of the best I&#39;ve seen this year. Watiti has great comedic vision and the cast is phenomenal. Jojo Rabbit was wierd , funny , heartwarming and heartbreaking and I think its definitely worth the watch.

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Reviewed by nbenardout 9

For me this film is a total paradox. I have never laughed so hard in one scene and then cried like a baby in the next. It&#39;s unique. Go watch.

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