John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


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Reviewed by Medevi1 6

There is no way this movie is 8 stars as it ranked currently! The movies story was lacking, and just smh bad. A lot of the stunts were slow, repetitive, and sloppy. Unbelievable and grandiose? Yea they got that in droves. What made the first two chapter so great was how clean, precise, and refined all the action was! Huge fail in chapter three. For example some of the hip tosses, and throws are just not possible to execute as seen with a gun in your hand! But that's not the worst of it. John Wick is a man! Not Superman! They just went to far, and took the realism that was beloved by all, and flushed it down the toilet. There has been much talk about the class system/hierarchy and how the assassins judicial system works. Well it doesn't make much more sense in this chapter either! The punishments don't fit the crime, and visa versa. The only reason this movie has a leg to stand on is because of a Hollywood budget! Strip away that veneer, and you're left with a mediocre B movie.

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Reviewed by soundoflight 5

The first John Wick film was special because it broke a mold of sorts. It went against certain action film conventions - the hero was not a muscle bound hulk like a Schwarzenegger or Stallone, the action was super fast paced, the plot was basic and straighforward, but introduced some unique elements, and there was something a bit unique and stylish about the film. John Wick was cool.<br/><br/>Then they made a sequel. And while the second film was more ridiculous, less believable, and not as good on any level, it was still John Wick, and still enjoyable.<br/><br/>But this third film is out of ideas and is simply rehashing the same things again for a payday (and hey, people seem to like it, so I can&#39;t fault them entirely). The magic is gone and it&#39;s just another over the top action film. In their attempt to mine more movies out of what was the barest of bare bones plots to start with, they have had to resort to ever increasing gratuitous violence and fight scene gimmicks. I&#39;m no wilting rose, but even I was a bit unsettled by the casual nature of the violence in this film, which surely has one the highest body counts of any film in recent history. It was so over the top it became a bit cartoonish, like watching a video game. There was even the concept of John fighting a series of progressively more important and more difficult &quot;bosses,&quot; just like a video game. John Wick 3 is watchable.... but barely.

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Reviewed by jhajj 4

Please stop making more movies in this franchise. There was too much action don&#39;t watch it. No story line, just action action action.

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