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Reviewed by hiswillbedone-199-457414 8

I will say that the plot is not that original. However, I have seen far worse high budget movies recently, like Booksmart, which got great critical reviews. The filming was good for the most part, except maybe a little too dark in some places. Most of the acting was good, especially from the major players. I don't think it is fair to compare this movie to a high budget mobster film, but considering it is from a virtually unknown writer and director I think it was a great first attempt. People should try to encourage, not discourage new filmmakers!!

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Reviewed by ops-52535 5

Its the greek crime community of newyork, new jersey, on the block this time, it starts well but floats of in verbal orgasm of chitty chat, about shutting up by al means, the greek omerta, just a bunch of tall dark haired beach bums, trying to make money the easy way. you are dragged into a lot of bars and coffee shops,where nothing really happens at all. it has its a faster pace in the end, so there are something to look forward too, but otherwise its a shifty shifty bang bang story from start to end.<br/><br/>the acting are laid off and panheaded, the lead has some good moves anbd the heist driver is cool behind the wheel, so beware, if you copycat this gang in real life, you might as well start digging your own grave right away.<br/><br/>the grumpy old man ,had hoped for some real bend over prison shoots, but were left with a ouzo drinking greek cadaver in the end. its barely even so small a recommend

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Reviewed by Call-Me-Mr-Smith 4

Low-key indie crime movie about tribulations of the titular reluctant anti-hero. Fairly decent for the indie, but nothing outstanding and not much new here. Everybody pulled their weight, some barely. Honorable mention for the music score.

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