JFK: A President Betrayed


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Reviewed by robert-259-28954 10

This was one of the most significant documentary films I've ever seen, ever. I've always had so many questions regarding the life of JFK, some accurate, but much missing. This incredible piece of filmmaking brought to light aspects of this great man that have increased my respect and admiration of this great president to levels that before I could not have imagined. Only now do I fully realize and appreciate the degree of courage he had facing down the most brutal powers of the 1960's, a decade of decision that not only formed the basis for the absolutely necessity of negotiation if public and international affairs, but a quality seemingly lost in politicians of this generation. Had the Military Industrial Complex of today been in power in Kennedy's day, we would have inevitably gone to war, an atomic conflict that would have destroyed every civilized country on earth. This is JFK's legacy, one for the ages.

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Reviewed by dawnakaufmann 10

This documentary, written and directed by Cory Taylor for Agora Productions, with narration by Morgan Freeman, is one that anyone with an interest in the presidency of John F. Kennedy or American history should see. It's nothing short of brilliant. With a declassified memorandum, top-flight experts commenting on the background of JFK's administration and the Cold War, and combined with memorable film clips, it makes a compelling argument that Kennedy's quest for world peace made him a target of enemies within our own government. Kennedy wanted to trust his gut and find ways to extend an olive branch to Russian premier Nikita Khrushchev, but received terrible advice from his hawkish colleagues. JFK: A President Betrayed will stand proudly among all other respectable and responsible journalism on the subject.

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Reviewed by apjc 7

JFK is one of those people from near history that have attained an aura beyond their true standing. He was not betrayed, stabbed by the senate in the Roman sense or misled in any way by advisors. He was a glamour President, but President none the less, all events portrayed pertain to his final decision. Did he want peace, yes, but he was quite prepared to wage war by proxy. Bay of pigs and early Vietnam were his choice At the start he was a novice, sometimes a little naive in regard to Realpolitik, but he learned. His greatest hour will always be the Cuban missile crisis. But remember he was supported and advised at that time by many who this lopsided documentary suggest betrayed him. He had potential to be a great President, unfortunately he became a legend instead.

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