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Reviewed by thomson7625 1

Having enjoyed Kevin Sorbo's previous forays into the western genre, I settled in last night for what I hoped would be an enjoyable viewing of this latest release. Suffice to say that it was not the experience I had anticipated. This film has the look of a film student's first attempt to create something in his back yard. There are only 2 performers of note present (Sorbo and Peter Fonda)and the remainder of the cast could literally have been picked off the street with equal , perhaps even superior, results. The acting is atrocious. The fight scenes (both fistfights and gunfights)are perhaps the worst that I have ever viewed in film. The film gives the impression that it had a budget of $10.00 at most. One would have hoped that the presence of Sorbo and Fonda would have elevated this somewhat from the dismal effort that it is. Unfortunately, the film has the opposite effect. The surroundings are so hopeless that the 2 "stars" are dragged into the quicksand that is this film. Sorbo is easily the highlight of the film (even in one of his weaker performances) though he is far from good. Why in the world he and Fonda lent their efforts and names to this mess I have no idea. Send your kids out to film themselves playing "cowboys" and watch the results. You will see a finer cinematic effort when you do than this film provides.

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Reviewed by brianbastable 1

This has got to be without a doubt the worst film i have ever watched, i gave up halfway through, the storyline is basic to say the least and the quality of the filming and acting look amateur at best, this to me can only be an attempt to winkle money out of viewers by putting the minimum effort... I'm still stunned that someone has actually released such rubbish for public viewing, its actually quite cringe worthy watching it. I wish i could find something positive to say about this film but I'm afraid i can't. The film is slow, Jesse looks like a nerd with stick on ginger sideburns, he clearly has not been schooled in horse riding and it shows, even the costumes are modern with modern wax jackets??? i mean what were they thinking? i would love to know the budget for this film, maybe £100 for the camcorder?? and a donation to the wild west theme park set they hired!!

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Reviewed by mthibeault-50021 1

Truly an awful film. Not even the kind of awful you can enjoy by laughing at it. Just awful in every way. I am angry and want my time back for watching this garbage.

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