Jerry Before Seinfeld


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Reviewed by Jeremy_Urquhart 7

Jerry Seinfeld&#39;s clearly a pro comes when it comes to comedy, and even if he&#39;s telling jokes that aren&#39;t among his strongest or best, I still find them entertaining (as is the case here). Most of Jerry Before Seinfeld shows Jerry telling jokes from throughout his career, while small sections where he reflects on his past and his beginnings in comedy are interspersed throughout his routine. <br/><br/>This special is a little on the short side, and likely won&#39;t blow anyone&#39;s expectations, but fans of Jerry Seinfeld will likely get something out of it. Most jokes worked for me personally, even if nothing really proved to be &#39;laugh out loud&#39; funny. <br/><br/>There were only a couple of parts that I thought misfired. There&#39;s a short section where two of Jerry&#39;s friends reminisce with him about doing comedy in the 1970s, which felt a little awkward and forced, and then another part shortly after, where somebody in the audience calls out something related to baseball, which Jerry then springboards off and begins a lengthy joke about sports teams. If this was intended to feel spontaneous or unscripted, it didn&#39;t really.<br/><br/>Still, I can&#39;t be too negative about watching this, because it was enjoyable enough and, like I said, most of it worked fairly well. Also, I&#39;ve always admired Jerry Seinfeld&#39;s ability to be funny without being raunchy or swearing a whole lot, even though I personally don&#39;t really have a problem with bad language in comedy (if I did, there wouldn&#39;t be too many comedians I could listen to!) I guess his relatively clean comedy serves as a nice change of pace, and maybe even adds to the casual, relaxed feeling of a comedy special such as this one.

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Reviewed by bettycjung 7

10/4/17. While I never really watched Seinfeld, I did catch bits and pieces when my kids watched it (they are die-hard fans). I decided to watch his stand up and it is pretty much like the series. He is funny, and clean, too. You will enjoy him more if you are native New Yorker. One hour of comedy that is definitely worth the watch.

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Reviewed by sanabeer 7

Jerry Seinfeld is no doubt one of the original kings of clean comedy and we remember him for this stand-ups pieces from Seinfeld. Even his special, post Seinfeld was tight. However, this offering from Jerry doesn&#39;t even come close.<br/><br/>Jerry is aging and that is no secret. However, it is evident from the lack of energy in his routine. Jerry has tried to transition to the seasoned comic routines that the likes of George Carlin specialized in, where the comics talk about their experiences a lot and crib about everything. However, without the aggression of Carlin and the comic relevance of Louis CK, this particular stand-up is more of a miss than a hit. Most of the special focuses on his experiences and only a few punch lines are funny. And those are the jokes from several previous specials. <br/><br/>Some of the lines lack humor to the extent of making you cringe. People used to say the Jerry&#39;s comedy was for the sheep and I was one of them. His mainstream comedy has transitioned into an unfunny narrative that is selectively laced with mild humor. <br/><br/>Watch it for Jerry, if you have to. If you miss it, you wouldn&#39;t be missing much. If like me, you want to remember Jerry in a different light, avoid watching at any cost.

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