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Reviewed by hunley-56706 1

This movie was just awful and it shows in their 24hr stream only platform. Poor acting from all involved, poor scene progression and cinematography, poor script, and poor everything else. Even with limited female nudity and it is still just awful. Not even laughably bad. This movie is so truly dreadful and such a blight on the industry that to watch it should have a surgeon general&#39;s warning because I think it may cause cancer. I made an appointment with my doctor and he sent me to a specialist just to be certain that I&#39;m OK. Give me 3rd World Cop, Dancehall Queen, Shottas, or Belly any day over this dribble.<br/><br/>AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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Reviewed by yungnatty 2

Let&#39;s get the obvious out of the way, this is a low budget film, so was the other films Mykal fax was involved with, the difference between this movie and &quot;Bashment a fork in the road&quot; and Jamaican Mafia is that Bashment feels like it was made by some guys with limited resources that made the best with what they had while Jamaican Mafia makes you feel like they didn&#39;t really care to try very hard. <br/><br/>Is Jamaican mafia the answer too the all time king of Jamaican gangster films &quot;Shottas&quot; ? Truth is it can&#39;t even hold a candlestick to &quot;third world cop&quot; There are parts of the movie especially in the first 20 minutes where you find yourself openly laughing at the acting and screenplay. <br/><br/>The words &quot;please make it stop&quot; were uttered by people I had invited over too see it. The one saving grace in this movie is Paul Campbell. His seasoned acting skill and experience provided a rather brutal contrast for lack of those qualities in his co-stars he managed a decent job in spite of being handicapped by just about everything . <br/><br/>Massup one of main characters played by Stokely &quot;Thrilla&quot; Brown a fixture in previous movies Mykal Fax was involved in. His acting wasn&#39;t bad but his part suffered from a poorly written script, he&#39;s still rough around the edges but with improvement it would be interesting too see him take a leading role in a movie in this genre. <br/><br/>Mykal Fax in the leading role disappoints his acting skills seemed to have actually worsened from his previous movies, at times its difficult to take him seriously. I found that he felt far more genuine in &quot;Foreign&quot; <br/><br/>The film suffers in every which way director film editing, script, special effects, everything. Its not very often that Jamaican movie productions come out and even when its borderline terrible we tend to want to be supportive. But these guys have made several movies before (although the previous director Steve tehut- 9 McAlpin was missing, one must wonder how that affected the film) and should be criticized based on what we already know them to be capable of.<br/><br/>If you watch this movie you will probably never watch it again. If you haven&#39;t seen it you are not missing anything.

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