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Reviewed by mstomaso 7

One of the remarkable elements about this improbably interesting, intelligent and engaging fictionalization of the Jack the Ripper story is the fact that the amazing Klaus Kinski is not the only reason the film held my interest. Basically, this is a rather graphic horror film with a lot of perverse sexuality (all of which is too disturbing to be interesting from any prurient perspective). Yet this is not Jesus Franco&#39;s standard garbage, but rather an interesting Freudian interpretation of Jack the Ripper, which deviates far enough from the actual historical facts to allow for a few surprises along the way.<br/><br/>The cinematography is generally good. The editing and pace are decidedly unamerican, and will turn off mainstream audiences. the film proceeds at a steady pace, but features dialog which is more oriented toward driving the plot than elaborating the characters. The cast is pretty uneven, but strong support comes from Menkopff, Chaplin and Fux. Kinski&#39;s role, though not much of a challenge for him, is interpreted with the great actor&#39;s usual intensity. The sets, though not particularly London, and a tad anachronistic at times, are detailed and enjoyable in their own right.<br/><br/>What the film does successfully - and again, it&#39;s not all Kinski - is to create a tense and disturbing atmosphere, punctuated with occasionally graphic scenes of sexual and bloody violence. Along the way, the director presents an interpretation of Jack the Ripper which is straight out of Freudian pop psychology. The effect is powerful, and the film is memorable. Perhaps Franco&#39;s best work, though I&#39;ve not seen them all (for good reason!)

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Reviewed by lazarillo 7

Although this movie is completely historically inaccurate as far as Jack the Ripper goes, it&#39;s surprisingly well made for a Franco movie. It&#39;s one of the few horror movies, however, that could actually benefit from some more cuts as the gore sequences, besides being nasty and misogynistic, are also just plain stupid and inept. The sequence with Kinski and a young Lina Romay (Mrs. Jesus Franco, for the uninitiated)is one Franco&#39;s best and one of Romay&#39;s best performances (especially considering she has her clothes on for most of it), but it is almost ruined in the end by an extremely gruesome and completely pointless bit of gore. Still, this is one of the few Franco films that has a more or less coherent plot to go with the occasionally impressive visuals. It definitely won&#39;t please the &quot;Ripperologists&quot;, but it&#39;s worth a look, especially if you like Franco, Romay, or Kinski.

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Reviewed by AS-69 8

In several respects, this movie seems to be a little untypical for a Franco movie. Since Franco proposed the subject himself, the film seems to be a rather personal project. Nevertheless, it is one of his most conventional movies. One could say that it is a rather tame slasher movie.<br/><br/>Sexual perversion is still a subject, but in &quot;Jack the Ripper&quot; it is confined to the madmen and is not the general background. There is also some gore which - at least on some occasions - would have better been left out.<br/><br/>What is equally untypical for a Franco movie are the production values. One can see that Franco worked on a higher budget. The film plays most of the time during the night, and the night photography is carried out in an excellent way. The scene when Lina Romay is killed in a foggy park is certainly one of the best Franco has ever filmed. A funny fact here is that apart from a few exteriors (like Big Ben), all the movie was shot in Zuerich Switzerland. It is much fun to see how Franco has transformed this into London (especially if you know the places in Zuerich Franco used). The interiors are also nice and colourful, and this is complemented by the costumes. Finally, the great plus of the movie is that is has Klaus Kinsky in it. Kinsky was one of the few actors who could create a certain ambiance by their mere presence. Of course, Kinsky&#39;s acting is also very subtle. Especially, his transformations from philanthrop into madman and back.<br/><br/>The only thing which spoiled my viewing of &quot;Jack the Ripper&quot; a bit where some stupid beginner&#39;s mistakes by Franco. The two most obvious ones are: 1) Klaus Kinsky standing at the wrong side of the car when he &quot;meets&quot; the inspector&#39;s girl friend; 2) When Lina Romay is killed, the puppet used for the (cheap looking) gore effect is lit in a completely false color (maybe this is the producer&#39;s fault who might have insisted on including some gore). One less obvious mistake occurs at the beginning: The first hooker which is killed walks (on her way home!) back half the way she came.<br/><br/>All in all, &quot;Jack the Ripper&quot; is an atmospheric, unpretentious, and well directed slasher movie with a formidable Klaus Kinsky as the madman.

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