Invisible Essence: The Little Prince


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Reviewed by gettysburgrich 10

The documentary is pieces together so well. It incorporates the life of the author as the story unfolds while bringing in views from critters worldwide. After viewing need to read the book again and watch movie. Rich

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Reviewed by barryfist 10

An incredible film exploring the legacy of the magical Little Prince. Such a fascinating documentary. Great interviews, and that kid - wow! Such a charming little boy. Will re-watch multiple times, so much to learn from it.

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Reviewed by MovieLuver365 10

It has been quite a while since I read "The Little Prince", however this documentary did a wonderful job of helping me remember it's lessons and filling in the gaps, creating a backstory behind the story itself. After watching it, I remembered how important the "invisible essence" is to me, to all of us, and to humanity itself. My favorite quote, which seems of particular importance today, was by Thomas De Koninck, a young relative of the author (who was also believed by some to be the human model of the little prince) who said, "And the reverence that we have for technology, one would not do without them and we are very grateful for them. But these are all just instruments. Its a great thing because of the purpose it serves. And that always depends on the human decisions."

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