Investigation 13


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by Shizuka2008 1

Some kids decide to stay overnight in some creepy old mental asylum and then...<br/><br/>&quot;Wait&quot;, you say, &quot;haven&#39;t I seen this a thousand times before?&quot;<br/><br/>Yes, you have - but never as bad as this.<br/><br/>The only horror about this stinker is the total lack of any originality or creativity or talent you are going to witness.<br/><br/>In that way it works - the lack of any basic filmmaking skills is really horrific and will scare you for weeks to come.

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Reviewed by TheMovieKing4 10

Slasher films are always a lot of fun, but unfortunately for as many Halloween&#39;s, there are 10 Silent Night Deadly Night: Part 2&#39;s. What is so great about Investigation 13 is that it takes some strong and an out of the box film story telling techniques, IE found footage and even Flashback animation (Krumpus style) to take a already above average horror story up a couple levels, and that alone sets this one apart from some other fare you might find in the 2000s slasher market. Meg Foster gives a chilling performance, but also everyone else acts their heart out as well. It&#39;s these type of high quality films that put the South Florida film circuit back on the map. What could have been a lazy attempt, ended up being a great genre offering.

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Reviewed by shodson-82821 10

I was actually quite impressed with Investigation 13. Very suspenseful and well done kept me on the edge of my seat...Plus Meg Foster definitely didnt disappoint. If you a true Horror Fan you should appreciate the great story telling and the way the whole move was put together as a whole.

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