Inuyasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass


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Reviewed by nataku_and_her_fairy 10

First of all, the movie is definitely not a summarized version of the series!!! ahem... The movie deals with a completely new enemy (Kaguya)and how Inuyasha, Kagome and the gang deal with this... However, it isn't just another story where the good guys fight the bad guys. It has a plot! And a most beautiful one! This is certainly a movie to recommend! It is awesome! The animation is beautiful! The songs are awesome! and well... Inuyasha & Kagome are just the cutest thing ever! This movie isn't necessarily for Anime fans, or even Inuyasha fans! If you're looking for a fun, interesting, romantic, action-packed movie... then look no further! I am fortunate enough to watch the anime series and am a great fan! It is just so incredible!And the character development is amazing! This of course, keeps throughout the movie! Just when you thought you'd seen the best part, it gets BETTER!! Please do not hesitate to watch this movie!! AND IT IS NOT A SUMMARIZED VERSION OF THE SERIES!! AND EVEN IF IT IS 167 EPISODES LONG!! IT IS WORTH IT!!

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Reviewed by Auryn-4 8

The movie starts with the supposed killing of Naraku and then introduces a new enemy: Kaguya, who used Naraku&#39;s helpers Kanna and Kagura to free herself from her 1000-year prison. Her coming will mean an eternal darkness. She is supposedly the tennyo from the old legend of the angel who lost her feathered robe and was unable to return to her home in heaven.<br/><br/>Inuyasha and the gang gets drawn into all of it when Kagura and Kanna appear to steal a part of the Fire Rat Robe that Inuyasha wears (wouldn&#39;t it have been safer just to slay a Fire Rat and rent a seamstress to make a robe of it, I wonder... doesn&#39;t Kagura and Kanna fear Inuyasha now that he has supposedly killed their old boss?). Anyway, Inuyasha and the gang also meet an ancestor of Houjou-kun, who posesses the tennyo&#39;s robe that Kaguya desires. They figure out what&#39;s going on and decide to prevent Kaguya from being unleashed.<br/><br/>The basic plot is sound, but the movie suffers slightly from involving too many of the IY-characters. Kikyou&#39;s scenes are completely unnecessary - the only thing they accomplish is remind us that she is wierd. The Kohaku-story was slightly far-fetched, but given it&#39;s final developement, it passes for accetable. At this point, I&#39;m just thankful they didn&#39;t try and squeeze Sesshoumaru into the story as well.<br/><br/>The problem with the movie is that it&#39;s slightly too short. Another 5-10 minutes would have been enough to let the plot sink in and allow the viewer to understand what is going on. For instance, the quick 2-line explanation given as to why Kanna and Kagura starts serving Kaguya doesn&#39;t make any sense at all.<br/><br/>This movie is, despite its flaws, excellent. It has the regular nice IY-humor, the characters feel deep and real and the Kagome/Inuyasha-relationship is warmer than ever (*sweeet*). The badguy is somewhat shallow and single-minded, but she makes up for it in style. She feels even more powerful than Naraku.<br/><br/>This movie is a must-see for anyone who whatches the tv-series. It contains some really longed-for moments and the action is superb.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t miss it!

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Reviewed by Aldo-9 10

The movie opens with the be all end all battle between Inuyusha and the gang, and Naraku. After Naraku&#39;s apparent death, the gang more or less split up and go there seperate ways. But when Kagura (the wind demon that has those cool fans) and Kanna (the little girl with the mirror that steals souls) conspire to raise a demon who plans to stop time. Inuyasha, Kagome and all the rest must come together to stop her.<br/><br/>Any more would be giving away things, and I don&#39;t want to do that But I&#39;ll just say this, a lot more happens than ever happend in the show, and Kagome and Inuyasha even share a kiss. This is the second movie in the series of movies and it&#39;s worth finding, though I don&#39;t doubt it will be released here in the states soon by the same company who&#39;s distributing the series.<br/><br/>I cannot stress enough how awesome this movie is, easily bests any american action movie made in the last ten years.<br/><br/>Oh yeah, I&#39;m also obsessed with Anime, so my review is a little biased

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