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Reviewed by connorundrumme 2

Oh, man this stinks! Right away we get an apparently very cocky police dude disengaging the safety on his gun and cocking it, then marching with it pointed straight into a dark forest with no target anywhere in sight, nor any idea of where one would be, and he&#39;s carrying no flashlight. A dumb and dangerous depiction, and hopefully there&#39;s a category of people who wouldn&#39;t ever consider doing this, if they had any weapons training (or common sense) at all. It&#39;s a recipe for a horrible accident, IRL.<br/><br/>Then, it&#39;s a scene with crosses dangling from the ceiling, a crappy candlelit shrine, and weird writings on the wall. (Clichés galore.) At less than 8 minutes in, an overly emotional and witless officer kills an innocent dog, which there was no need for. It&#39;s flagrantly emotionally manipulative for no reason whatsoever, since it didn&#39;t advance the plot or characters in any way.<br/><br/>Next, it starts in with the sexist remarks, the insults, the undermining, multiple men ganging up in acting arrogant and condescending. One of them is purportedly &#39;mentoring&#39; another officer-a subordinate, of course. Its incredibly tone deaf and ignorant. The overacting is atrocious, too. How is this supposed to be entertainment?<br/><br/>Totally lazy and sh!tty writing/production!!!

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Reviewed by pretorianwolf 5

Bad performances, misdirected and very forced dialogues. The history..? Very weak A disappointment

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Reviewed by ElEsMiguel 4

Having seen the last few Argentinean productions on Netflix i can say that they are technically well made for the most part, but the acting is bad and the dialogues are really dull, exposition heavy, you can&#39;t feel that they are having a real conversation at any point, and there is an interrogation scene that is really, really bad. The plot felt like it would work a lot better on a one-hour episode but here it is stretched with some pointless scenes and not enough style to cover it up a bit.

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