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Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 6

"She spoke to me, I think she was trying to tell me who stabbed her." When ER nurse Kaitlyn (Zea) is helping to try and save a young stabbing victim's life she begins to talk to her. Kaitlyn then begins to see the victim's memories and tries find the person who stabbed the young girl. This is a hard movie to review. The idea is actually pretty neat, the acting isn't terrible but the big problem is that it keeps repeating itself over and over. It seems like a 20 minute segment that they keep re-writing. That said I actually kinda liked it and it kept me interested the whole time. The only way to describe this is that it is a movie based off the TV show "Medium". If you liked that show then this is a movie for you. The best part hands down though is the twist ending and like some movies the ending actually makes you like the movie more then you would have. Worth watching for the ending. Overall, a very OK movie with a neat twist at the end. I give it a B.

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Reviewed by evan98748 10

None of these people got the ending!<br/><br/>This movie is rated low because most people did not get the true twist!<br/><br/>I never wrote a review, but i had to for this movie. The ending was great and it is hard for many to put the pieces together. There are many clues this movie throws out at the audience that will tell you the true killer. Most people will have to watch the movie again when they have a better idea of who the kill may be.<br/><br/>The ending is not up for interpretation like one review wrote. There is one killer. <br/><br/>You have to really listen to everything the characters say and you can figure it out. Please rate this review so others will see it, thanks!

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Reviewed by bibliofile 8

This movie kept me guessing throughout the entire movie. This wasn&#39;t intended to be the easy, mass-marketed schlock where you can figure it all out and they spell the ending out for you in the end, in case you don&#39;t have a brain or any imagination. This is one you want to go back and watch again to see if you can catch any more clues. It&#39;s a dark story with a generous helping of hope, decent to good acting and I have always had a thing for Sean Patrick Flannery, so that never hurts in my book. My only real complaint is that the camera-work and lighting sometimes got a little too artsy for my tastes. Oh, that and it&#39;s tough to see Juliet Landau as anyone not evil/insane.

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