Incident at Montauk


Horror / Mystery

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Reviewed by indie-55193 7

The rating doesn't give it what it deserves, The movie is pretty good for a low budget movie, it's one of the rare films that cares for the Montauk project and what really happened there. I believe it's very daring for the cast to choose such a project to work on. Yet I expected to see more and to encounter more in the story line but I still appreciate the try and the time people put in this one, quite an interesting experience.

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Reviewed by blueangelical 1

Fast forward to at least 20mins in to start with. The guy playing the part has the most boring voice I&#39;ve ever heard in a movie..... the movie itself think Blair witch but worse omg could it get any worse than Blair witch... yes, this movie.<br/><br/>Soooooooo boring, I was actually going to cancel my Amazon Prime subscription after watching this. The plot is dull, the acting is duller and the &quot;footage&quot; is zzzzzzzzzz sorry fell asleep there again.<br/><br/>Not worth even an hour of your time to view this, go paint a wall and watch it dry or turn off your devices and go bond with your parents of kids.<br/><br/> I don&#39;t even want to call it a movie..<br/><br/>The spoiler here is it&#39;s rubbish.

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Reviewed by dannyvillanuevajr 9

DeadFi&#39;s &quot;Incident at Montauk&quot; delivers great mystery and suspense as we travel with Jed Logan to investigate the Montauk experiments. This film is in true micro-budget spirit with minimal characters and filmed in a found footage style with what I think was no crew. This was shot at the real locations which adds a perfect atmosphere and great level of authenticity to the look and feel of the film. Considering the film was made for practically no money, Incident at Montauk is an achievement and worth a watch, especially if you&#39;re into ufo conspiracy theories.

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