In the Key of Love


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Reviewed by phd_travel 8

Laura Osnes is one of the few Broadway stars beautiful enough to appear on screen. Many Broadway actresses who can sing and dance so well are not quite pretty enough for romantic roles on the big or small screen. Laura is one of the few that is beautiful and talented. A wider audience than New York needs to see how special she is. Hope to see lots more of her on screen.<br/><br/>This is a Hallmark movie that involves a wedding photographer and her romance set on a pretty lake. Even the usual over chirpy Hallmark tone doesn&#39;t grate here. The wedding she is photographing is inter racial - part of a trend of Hallmark to become more diverse. She meets up with an old flame she used to sing with. Guess what happens? The song she sings is forgettable though.<br/><br/>Charming enough to watch.

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Reviewed by d-c-barfield 8

Laura is a lovely singer. My only problem with the film was that the songs were so short.

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