In My Fathers Den


Mystery / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.6


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suze-16 7

Having had to do NZ fiction at school over a decade ago and hating it, I was not sure what to expect with this film. It has made me want to go and buy the book and get back into the wonder of my country&#39;s literary heritage... but that&#39;s another story.<br/><br/>This film is beautiful. It&#39;s tense, funny (some of the cameos for kiwi&#39;s to look out for additional fun!)... it takes you into the heart and soul of the characters. The two main characters are portrayed so wonderfully, you feel you&#39;re an extension of them.<br/><br/>Not knowing the story probably helped as I was not expecting everything that comes to pass (don&#39;t want to spoil anything). The movie, though desperate at some times, makes you feel somewhat uplifted. Hope. By the way, does anyone know who did the painting? I loved it.

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Reviewed by kadootje 7

Saw it during my vacation in New-Zealand last December. Didn&#39;t know the story at all. Haven&#39;t read the book or anything. The lady from the B&amp;B where we were staying suggested this one. I thought the movie was amazing. The movie starts slow and if you like high speed action movies this may not be your piece of cake. If you can stand a lower pace this is absolutely one to watch. <br/><br/>I have actually seen it a second time because it was selected for the Rotterdam Film Festival 2005 (little bit closer to home) and I am know hoping for a regular release in the Netherlands. In my opinion this movie does not get enough attention.

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Reviewed by Warren Johnstone 10

When his father dies, Paul Prior (Matthew Macfadyen), a disillusioned and battle weary war photographer, decides to return home to New Zealand. His brother is caught off-guard by Paul&#39;s sudden re appearance after seventeen years away. Reluctantly re-visiting the dilapidated family property, he discovers his fathers old den tucked away in the equipment shed. Paul sets about clearing up and stumbles upon sixteen year-old Celia (Emily Barclay) who has been using the derelict hide-away as a private haven to write her stories and to fuel her dream of living in Europe, far away from the small town she longs to escape.<br/><br/>This seemingly uninteresting story-line masks a superb plot that slowly unfolds as the movie progresses. The characters are fantastic and the performances of Barclay, MacFadyen and the supporting cast is excellent. The subtle twists are very well hidden and the final explanation of the whole scenario is mind-blowing. In my opinion, this is a must see movie!

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