In My Dreams


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6

Natalie Russo (Katharine McPhee) and Nick Smith (Mike Vogel) are unlucky in love. Jessa (Rachel Skarsten) dumped him and his mother Charlotte (JoBeth Williams) keeps setting him up. The latest is eager Lori Beth. Natalie is struggling to make her restaurant work despite her unyielding Italian chef Mario. Waitress Sharla is her best friend. Natalie and Nick toss coins into a magic fountain. They have a week to find each other guided by their joined dreams for the perfect match.<br/><br/>This is a perfectly fine Hallmark TV movie including a dream matchmaker. It&#39;s nothing special. The dream couple is photogenic and an obvious match. It&#39;s really cute that McPhee gets all dolled up to go to bed. It&#39;s a romantic dream in movie form and there&#39;s nothing wrong with that. This knows its level and hits it spot on.

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Reviewed by stevewyzard 8

I was not looking for this movie, but only stumbled across it by accident. Once I figured out the premise, I was hooked. It&#39;s a magical fantasy, almost like a modern-day episode of Twilight Zone, yet without any of that show&#39;s morbidity. In My Dreams doesn&#39;t take itself too seriously, and it&#39;s clear that everyone involved had fun with the production.<br/><br/>I found all of the characters down-to-earth and sympathetic, even those who are only there to provide obstacles to the protagonists finally meeting. For instance, almost any other movie would have portrayed the two other women Nick spends time with as evil/psychotic, but this movie avoids that cliché. They&#39;re simply &quot;the wrong person&quot;, not bad people.<br/><br/>In My Dreams has no heavy message, and it ends with a wide-open horizon of future possibilities. In other words, the screenwriters allow the viewers to decide for themselves just what they&#39;ve witnessed and what the future might hold. The performers were all perfect for their roles. The only thing that could have made this movie better would have been a soundtrack by The Blue Nile. So to everyone involved in its creation and broadcast: Thank you for something different!

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 10

This is a different approach to bringing true loves together. A wish in a magic fountain allows Nick and Natalie to occupy each others&#39; dreams. For three nights they blissfully fall in love yet outside their dreams they have never met. But then doubt creeps in which leads to the struggle that occurs in the rest of the movie.<br/><br/>I find it ironic that this story is a in Hallmark movie where no unmarried couple ever sleeps together and yet these two find themselves together while sleeping.<br/><br/>I find Katherine McPhee to be the most beautiful of women when her character is in love so I may be a little prejudiced.

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