I'm Not Ready for Christmas


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Reviewed by story_by_corey 7

Holly Nolan is an ad person dedicated to her job. She is so dedicated, she puts it before everything and everyone in her life.?..until she misses one too many of her niece&#39;s recitals. Mad that her aunt was a no-show, Holly&#39;s niece meets a magical Santa conveniently standing outside of the recital hall. She asks Santa for one wish. That wish is that Holly only be able to tell the truth. Santa grants it and that&#39;s when the storyline kicks in.<br/><br/>Holly soon discovers that not only can she not tell a lie, she has lost her ability to filter her thoughts. In a normal world, that would be a bad thing. But in the Hallmark world, it opens doors and takes Holly to emotional and interpersonal places she might have never experienced. She tells her co-workers what she really thinks and it opens lines of communication. She tells a guy she&#39;d really like to go out with him and it leads to romance. She tells an important client what she really thinks of his product during a pitch session and it lands her the big account. But does living an honest life ultimately lead to happiness? You&#39;ll have to watch the movie to find out.<br/><br/>It&#39;s typical Hallmark fare, but Alicia Witt&#39;s performance and some thought provoking moments make this movie worth a couple hours of your time.

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Reviewed by bethanytntsa 7

This movie follows your typical Hallmark plot line, but has a nice twist. The main character, Holly, is a single, workaholic whose sister and niece often beg to spend time with her. Holly&#39;s main problem is that she has a knack for telling little white lies. This is accentuated when she promises her niece, who is in elementary school, that she will attend her Christmas program but doesn&#39;t. Later, when Holly arrives at the school after the program, she comes across the music teacher who she met earlier, who confronts Holly about a lie she told. Holly&#39;s niece asks Santa to prohibit Holly from telling lies, and as Holly walks out the school to the car, that wish comes true. Holly cannot lie. This throws a wrench in her otherwise normal life and she finds the true spirit of Christmas.

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Reviewed by gehewe 9

This movie passed our doze test (no one fell asleep while watching). Alicia Witt was delightful to watch. It has a fantasy type plot but so does It&#39;s a Wonderful Life. These fantasy plots make Christmas movies more exciting for me. The movie was Well done. It is a movie I would enjoy watching again.<br/><br/>I really enjoyed figuring out who the actor playing Santa Claus was- that voice was so familiar. This movie just might establish Alicia Witt as the Christmas movie queen- good for her and us. The movie left me with a good feeling that Truth always triumphs. There was delightful humor in blurting out the truth without a common sense filter. The family will not be disappointed. Enjoy<br/><br/>My criticism of the movie is its title. &quot;I&#39;m not ready for Christmas&quot; is one of the worst titles. &quot;Wishing the Truth this Christmas&quot; would better describe it. I&#39;ve noticed many reviews had a problem with the story line similar to Liar Liar which I have not seen. Good Grief. How many Scrooge themes do we see. They did a good job and we Christmas movie watchers are thankful.

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