Ike: Countdown to D-Day


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Reviewed by chipsanford 8

I recommend this move except for one part. I liked this movie and I will it watch again. Selleck was very convincing as Ike. Good scenes about the critical decision to invade Normandy. However Gerald Mc Raney's Patton was not very good. His voice was wrong, the real George Patton had a high pitched voice (I don't know why Hollywood always gets that wrong. The worst scene was where Patton acts like a martinet then almost cries and hugs Ike was pure Hollywood and little history or good acting. No doubt the real Ike dressed Patton down for making those stupid comments, but I don't think Patton wanted to kiss and make up. Patton wasn't a hugger either, except on Mother's Day. The movie was getting a little politically correct at the expense of the truth. If anybody can provide a reference that proves that scene, I'd be grateful.

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Reviewed by pax-18 4

I swear you come off feeling more sympathy for the Germans than the French after seeing this. There are serious omissions and out of context statements that portray the French in every which way possible in a negative light. Its so obviously tainted by current politics (and I&#39;m sure Tom Selleck&#39;s conservative politics) its not funny. The one time in the show where Churchill makes the off comment about the French trying to impede their escape from Dunkerque. As if they were collaborating with the Germans at the time... Totally out of context I cant believe Churchill would&#39;ve made that comment to Ike at all. It was probably completely made up for the show. See the great BBC docu series &quot;History of WW2&quot; for the context.<br/><br/>The admiral in charge of French forces in the area at the time wanted to stay in the fight. He expected the Brits to fulfill their obligations in their alliance at the time and not abandon the field of battle. He didn&#39;t understand they couldn&#39;t fight on probably because being an admiral vs a land force general didn&#39;t help in his understanding the Germans had far superior tactics and there was no point in keeping up the fight and risk the capture of 400 000 allied troops by the Germans. The motivation was honest though not one of a backstabbing nature. The French admiral saw cowardice in his eyes. And he felt betrayed and abandoned by his British allies.<br/><br/>But also the fact the French had to threaten the closure of the port (tho they had no means of really doing it) if the Brits didn&#39;t evacuate them on a 50\50 basis is a sad statement on the British leadership far more than the French leadership at the time. In the last days of the Dunkerque evacuation 100 000 french soldiers held the line while the remaining 40 000 brits got first dibs off the continent. Hows that for &quot;surrender monkeys&quot;? I seriously hope Americans will get a chance to see the BBC series dramatized documentary &quot;History of WW2&quot; and get a truer picture of what really happened. So that unlike the sad distorted comment by the main comment posted for this picture and the awful Ike program they can really get an honest perspective of what happened.

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Reviewed by flash6644 7

This movie just grows and grows on you, when I first saw this movie I thought it was good but then after I watched it a second time I realized it was even better than I had thought. Tom Selleck gives a great performance as Ike and Timothy Bottoms does a great job as Beetle Smith. The rest of the cast was good as well. It is a very historically accurate film except for mistake toward the end of the movie. Lots of great dialogue and it tells very well the extreme burden that Eisenhower was under right before the invasion of France. This movie will only get better and better with time. I highly recommend this movie.

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