If I Were You


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Reviewed by robynartist 9

Loved it! I just stumbled upon this movie on new releases on Netflix and was watching it while working in my studio. It is funny without being cute, poignant at times without being maudlin and downright fun. <br/><br/>I love the premise of the movie, the likes of which I&#39;ve not experienced elsewhere - and heaven knows it&#39;s rare to find a new plot!<br/><br/>Although Marcia Gay Harden steals the show, I think the other actors effectively support her lead. <br/><br/>I don&#39;t often watch any film more than once, but I would watch this again with someone who&#39;s seeing it for the first time, for sure. The last romantic comedy that fit this category for me is Love Actually, which is one of the few movies I own and enjoy watching periodically.

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Reviewed by tickin 7

I have to open by saying I&#39;ve always enjoyed Marcia Gay Harden. But I was a little worried that comedy might not be her strength. I was happily wrong. She delivers a joke well, very well at times and she carries the 2 hour movie right through to the end. She puts her own style into it too, which is memorable.<br/><br/>The movie is light entertainment but it&#39;s not irritating. It weaves it&#39;s own little path and pops out the other end with a smile on it&#39;s face. This is probably going to sound mean but the secondary characters were neither here nor there and only served as billboards for Marcia to graffiti. Though Aiden Quinn does carve out a few good moments for his character.<br/><br/>But It&#39;s Marcia&#39;s show and she steps up well. Well worth it if you&#39;re perhaps on the upper side of 40 and looking for something light, funny and mostly clean.

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Reviewed by elenid_brown 10

This is a real gem of a movie written and directed by Joan Carr-Wiggin, who did an outstanding job at both. The writing was witty, highly intelligent and crisp, without being snappy or predictable, but embodying mature depth and strength. This film is one of those unforgettable films that reach into the inner core of the heart - yet is handled unconventionally and with more savvy than one has come to expect in these genres.<br/><br/>Marcia Gay Harden is outstanding in this film. Outstanding, deep, multifaceted. It was a joy just to watch her. There is so much about this movie that felt rich - certainly not your average shallow Hollywood product.<br/><br/>I look forward to more films by Joan Carr-Wiggin.

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