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Reviewed by futureshrink-04785 1

There are no redeeming qualities about this movie. I thought that the premise sounded intriguing but I found it confusing. and boring. I kept waiting for something good to catch my interest which never happened. The characters are hard to follow and have no depth. I couldn't figure out their motivation. The roles are confusing and I am not sure I even understood the plot as it was so poorly defined. I couldn't figure out if the characters were trapped in some sort of alternate world or if it was based on a very strange world in general. I'm not sure I even understood the ending. It was by far the worst movie I've seen this year.

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Reviewed by albert_carilli 2

How on earth can this crapfest be currently averaging 7.3/10?<br/><br/>Seriously, IMDb&#39;s reputation is damaged beyond repair if garbage like this achieves such a high score, causing those who still trust the site to waste their time and money sitting through such an inane and pointless excuse of a movie.<br/><br/>So the production team summoned all their friends and relatives, urging them to clog IMDb with their 10/10 ratings, betraying those of us who actually care about honest recommendations.<br/><br/>Gaming the system this way is only hurting the art of cinematography.<br/><br/>Pathetic.

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Reviewed by larrys3 1

I try and give low-budget sci-fi films more leeway to see without costly special effects if some nuggets of cleverness or originality can be found. Unfortunately, what I saw here came across as way too murky, obtuse, and nonsensical, for my tastes.<br/><br/>Told in a slow-paced and surrealistic manner, the story, from what I could garner, revolves around a nefarious and mysterious company, called Brand New-U, that apparently abducts or beats people into submission, to take them to their headquarters. Once there, they are transformed into a new version of themselves (or identical) via a type of hypnosis, brainwashing, and surgery. For what exact purpose this is done never really became clear to me, but there is a mention of rich benefactors of the corporation who believe a better human being can emerge. Huh?<br/><br/>The two stars of the movie have good screen presence but their talents, in my opinion, can&#39;t be realized within this dense plot. Simon Pummell handles the writing and direction, and just what he had in mind escapes me, I&#39;m sorry to say.<br/><br/>All in all, this sci-fi flick didn&#39;t work for me at any level, and I would recommend not to waste your time here with this one.

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